Wednesday, June 27, 2012 time flies!  We've been so busy with our swimsuit sales!  We have them every year starting on Summer Solstice and this season we've been blessed with brisk sales.  No rest for the weary! 

I forgot to mention that we are also having a sale, or sorts, at our Outlet Store:  These auctions are for brand new, overstocked items and the bids start at only $29...nice!  Some are being bid way up, but others...they're going super cheap.  All of your favorite labels are there, so it's certainly worth a look-n-see.

Our regular, retail site still has its SWIMSUIT SALE going on, as well.

All sales will be ending soon.  No specific date, just whenever the inventory runs out.

Shop!  Enjoy!

~ C.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nothing Like a Bikini Sale!

Nope...nothing like it.  The closest thing that I can think of is a bridal gown blowout.  A swimsuit sale sets off the start of summer and brings in the shoppers by the droves.  It also marks the close of yet another swimwear season.  The new, 2013 swimsuit lookbooks are marching their way across our desks as I write this.  Soon, the fall season bathing suit styles will be on our catalog pages and you know what they is NOT like wine and cheese.  It doesn't get better with age.  So, with that in mind, we've marked down a large chunk of our 2012 inventory for your shopping pleasure.  This is just a fabulous time to pick up a cute, little bikini, or more modest, one-piece swimsuit!

 Our followers and loyal customers have learned about our sales over the years, so naturally, they're already on it.  Still, there's lots left to choose from.  You can check out our sale items at .  Just remember, all sales on the ON SALE items are final.  There are no returns allowed.  We do sometimes make an exception for exchanges, but the quantities of stock are very low, so you may not be able to exchange for a different size, since it may already be sold out by the time that you send it back.  It never hurts to email us first, as sometimes we can hold something for you, before it gets snatched away.

Here's a sampling of our SALE items:

Check our ON SALE page often, ,  as quantities & sizes available change frequently and new styles are continually added.

Shop! Enjoy!

~ C.