Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PEARL Sails Home

I've missed her...she had been languishing in the harbor, paint peeling, tugging at her spring lines.  We'd been so busy this last couple of years, preparing our property for sale, then moving to a new ranch and building a house in Northern California.  Our beautiful 1974 Fuji ketch had been sorely neglected and left behind in Ventura, waiting for us to decide what to do with her.  We couldn't berth her close by.  The sailing on the Mendocino coastline is more fit for shallow keeled fishing boats, than a blue water sailboat. The boat market has been practically nonexistant and besides our family loves her and didn't really want to let her go.  We finally decided to make the long, upwind haul to San Francsico Bay and settle her into a new berth on the island of Alameda.  From there, we can sail the bay, venture up the coast a little, sleep over in the city and get the work done on her the she needs. 

My DH and Harry, an old, salty, seadog friend of ours, made the trip.  I didn't go...I was chicken.  I'd heard the stories about the pounding and sloshing around Point Arguello and had no desire to be scared out of my wits.  Luckily, the fair weather prevailed and their voyage was pretty calm, other than a couple of dark, foggy, hair raising hours just past Governments.

Here ae some pix that my DH took along the way.  I love you California...I love you hunny bunny...I love you PEARL. ~ C.

Swinging off the hook, waiting to sail around the point

Cliffs of Big Sur
California Big Sur Coastline

California Land's End
Headed for the SF Bay

Passing through the Golden Gate Bridge
PEARL's New Local Waters

Waterfront view of San Francisco

Home Stretch Passing Under the Oakland Bay Bridge

Monday, September 10, 2012

Maaji Swimwear 2013...A Columbian Rainbow!

Maaji Swimwear colors up our lives, once again this season with a plethora of adorable swimsuits and cover-ups.  Going thorugh their lookbook, it was hard to choose...I wanted them all!  We narrowed down the choices and here is a little taste of what we've come up with this season:

Cherry Reve Bikini - Maaji Swimwear 2013

Sour Popsicles Bikini - Maaji Swimwear 2013 

Oceanica Dreams Bikini - Maaji Swimwear 2013

There's more to come, so stay tuned my pretties! ~ C.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Has it been really over a month since I last posted?  OMG!  I am SO SORRY!  My dau is getting married and I've been immersed in the plans and preparations.  Not to mention, building a new house.  Meanwhile, the 2013 swimwear linesheets have been rolling in.  I'm up to my ears in lookbooks.  I love it all!  Now, to alert you with my discerning eye, as to what's on the horizon for the upcoming 2013 swim season. 

1st...Boys+Arrows Swimwear 2013 does not disappoint.  Yes, there will be more of the same, (all of you Helen the Hussy fans will not be denied,) but there are a few, new additions to their killer line-up.  I will post pix just as soon as I get permission from Meg. 

Acacia Swimwear for 2013 is just gorgeous, (Oh...and it's still very skimpy, BTW.  Would we have it any other way?)  The girls that can wear this line have a LOAD of confidence and the body to match.  When Acacia meets THAT kind of beach goddess...watch out!  I really can't post the pix...not allowed...sorry.  Keep an eye out for their new arrivals on our site.

SAHA Swimwear...this line is just so different.  They certainly do not follow the fads, but they put out some really cute and appealing stuff, none the less.  I like that!  They are NOT followers!  SAHA was a new line for us last season and was quite popular, right off, so I expect that they will be even more well received this year.  We're starting earlier with SAHA 2013, so you'll have a better chance to grab and go!
SAHA Swimwear 2013 - Chairama Bikini

Tori Praver Swimwear 2013 is just so pretty.  Tori really has a great sense about femininity and beach lifestyle.  We'll have some new Topi Praver Swimwear items coming in around the holidays. 
Tori Praver Swimwear 2013 - Kenny High-Waisted Bikini

Lenny Swimwear 2013 has a few, new surprises for us this season.  It's look is a little younger than in the past, but still five-star quality.  Here's a pic of one of my favorites:

Tie-Dye Long Halter With Leather Trim, Lenny Swimwear 2013
L*Space is on a Tsunami ride...what can I say?  We still love it this year and plan to bring it back for next season.  Designer, Monica Wise, is also debuting a new line: Maio Swim...A little more coverage than L*Space, a little more, "I'm a young mom now," look.  Still, very stylish and sexy with that distinct L*Space feel. 

More to come!  Now, off to shop wedding tents.  Love to all...C.