Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Breaking Down The Blues...The Moody Hue For This Year's Swimsuit Line-Up

From clear skies, to coral reef shallows to deep, mysterious ocean, the blues are inspired by all things natural, all things water.  It's certainly my favorite swimsuit color.  It looks good on every skin tone, but especially on a tan, or darker complexion.  Here's a few "blues" for your pleasure:

Chain With Rings Bikini by Lenny Swimwear

Grommets 1 Piece Swimsuit by Karla Colletto Swimwear

Madison-Chrystie Bikini by Crystal Jin Swimwear
Lily Bikini by Tori Praver Swimwear
~ C.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sittin' Sweet in the Sand With SAHA Swimwear

SAHA Swimwear is another one of our new lines this season.  I took a good look at the line last season, but with moving and all, I had to take them off the list.  They did some pretty cute stuff this year, so we went with a couple of their bikinis and cute one piece swimsuit for 2012. 

SAHA Swimwear  - Pure Romance 1-Piece Swimsuit

Their look is fairly young.  I think that the mid-teen will enjoy their choice of fabrics and cuts, although the, "Happy Tears," bikini would definitely appeal to someone a little older.   

Love N Light Bikini by SAHA Swimwear

SAHA Swimwear 2012 - Happy Tears Bikini
 Anyway, it's a sweet line, with lots of calico florals and vintage prints.  I should be in very soon and being a new line, we didn't order too much of it.  So, you're liking what you see, check our SAHA Swimwear page often.  I think that these swimsuits will disappear as fast as your feet can fly over a hot, sandy beach.

~ C.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Salinas Swimwear 2012 - Sweet as Candy!

Salinas Swimwear 2012 is just as fresh and sweet as always, with new and novel details and that cute, albeit small, Salinas fit. Actually, this season we will be offering some more moderate bottoms from Salinas. (Is that a sigh of relief I hear from you?) I'm gushing over their adorable, surfer girl bikini in a preppy, geometric print!
Salinas Swimwear 2012 - Mosaico Bikini Front View

Salinas Swimwear 2012 - Mosaico Bikini Back View

Salinas Swimwear has also been known for their great, original prints and this year's collection does not disappoint. Check out the rainbow photoprint fabric used in this swimsuit:

Salinas Swimwear 2012 - Polaroide Bikini

Or, the unique artwork in this printed bikini:
Salinas Swimwear 2012 - Praiana Bikini

Salinas likes to put some attention grabbing details into all of their bikinis. That's one thing that makes them so special. I'm infatuated with the pom-poms at the end of the strings, not to mention the killer, turk and white print.
Salinas Swimwear 2012 - Da Gema Bikini

One of the reasons that I feel that Salinas has had such a long run in the beach fashion world is that it's a swimwear label that can cross over into different age groups. The 20-somethings love the fun and sexiness of their, "bitty booty,"styles, but the junior set can still get away with wearing some of their younger, more moderate looks.  In other words, they’re not just a passing fad.

Salinas Swimwear 2012 – Sweet Tom Bikini

Salinas Swimwear 2012 - Sexy Acqua Bikini Back View

~ C.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Marysia Swim 2012 Is Back For an Encore

We introduced Marysia Swim last season because we admired the fresh, new looks by designer, Maria Dobrzanska Reeves. We also gave them some healthy respect for starting up in a tough, economic era. We are happy to see that Maria's label is still thriving, thank you very much, and so we decided to bring back Marysia Swimwear in 2012. I think that our customers will be pleased that we did.

Marysia Swim 2012 - Marbella Bikini
 Maria brings a distinct and decidedly American look to the swimwear world. Her styles are very well made and the fit is impeccable. What we like most is that there's a simple, soft femininity that pervades throughout her collections. It's lighthearted...it's different… and we’re smitten by that. It’s just all so pretty!

Marysia Swim 2012 - St. Tropez Ruffled Bandeau Bikini

Here’s one of my Marysia Swim faves for 2012:

Marysia Swim 2012 - Acapulco Bikini
These swimsuits are for 2012 and will be arriving soon.  If you love the Marysia look, you might want to take a peek at our Marysia Swim 2011 items that are now on sale.
~ C.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Preview of the 2012 Tori Praver Swimwear Collection

I'm not going to clutter your brain with a lot of words today.  Here's some pix of the latest from Tropi Praver Swimwear for 2012:

Tori Praver's Lily Bikini in Ocean Blue

Lucy One Piece Swimsuit by Tori Praver

Raven Bikini - Very Preppy

2012 Tori Praver Swimwear  - Shyla Bikini

Tori Praver Swimwear 2012 - Raven Bikini Backside

 Tori Praver's beautiful bikinis and swimsuits are coming soon to Tropi-Ties!

~ C.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Solid & Preppy - The Newest Propositions For 2012 Swimwear

Done is the overindulgence and the high excess ...In is the sensibility and frugality for swimsuits and beach clothing this season.  There, I said it...That's what I really see on the horizon for swimwear in 2012.  No fluffy superlatives, here.  Not that I mind this new, practical outlook on swim fashion.  I love the preppy looks and simple solids that are coming out.  So refreshing!  They ground us like a low tide, while we wait for the next wave of extreme beach modes to come crashing in.  They remind us that less is more.
Melissa Odabash Swimwear 2012 - Florence Bikini, Preppy Nautical

Actually, I really started to see this trend last season, but I suppose, like eating a rich dessert, it was hard to push oneself away from the table, even when we knew we should. While some of us kept going for the extreme decadence last year, many of our customers began to beg off, reminding us that water is just fine, thank you very much. Here, at Tropi-Ties, we saw an increase of sales in the more elegant, conservative looks of designers such as Melissa Odabash, Sauipe and Karla Colletto. There were more solids sold last year. Stripes started showing up again. And what's more, nautical looks are strongly steaming in this season. The prices, while not rock bottom, are at least holding steady.

ANK Swimwear 2012 - Moher Bikini, Laced Up

Melissa Odabash Swimwear 2012 - Los Angeles Bikini -
Stripes Rule The Seas!

Tori Praver Swimwear 2012 - Raven Bikini
One Piece swimsuits are still moving ahead in sales...another sign that trends are moving to the more understated.

Sauipe Swimwear 2012 - Donatella 1-Piece Swimsuit
What's more, we have been seeing the more conservative tankini making a comeback. (Although we always thought it was so, so cute, if only done right.)  The little, black bikini, forever chic, has been coming on strong since last year.  L*Space did a couple of styles in the year prior, and this season we picked up on two by Crystal Jin and while they lack in color, they make up for everything in the details. 

Crystal Jin Swimwear 2012 - Solaire-Varick Bikini, Bring on the Black 
So, I guess that the mantra this season is: "Less is More." 
Now, is that really such a bad thing?  Oh my! Heavens no!
~ C.