Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Speaking of Swimwear Sales...

First, YES, ACACIA SWIMWEAR IS BACK ON SALE!  Granted, there are not many Acacia bikinis left, but we have a few at some super fabulous prices. 

Second, We have decided to have our Summer Solstice Sale a little now.  At Tropi-Ties Swimwear, we celebrate Summer Solstice each year, by having our biggest and best sale of the season.  However, sadly, this year we have a memorial to go during that time for someone that the entire family loved so, so Father-In-Law, Carroll Alpers.  There's no way we would miss it, so we will probably close down for a few days and hang with family.

Anyway...enough about that.  You really don't want to miss this sale, which is going on right now, this very minute...this second even.

Happy Summer!

~ C

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Rare Acacia Swimwear Sale! Yippee!!!

HURRY, SALE ENDS MAY 1ST! read that right.  We're having an Acacia Swimwear Sale.  We's the hottest swim label on the market right now, but we wanted to draw a little attention to our new web site design, so what the heck.  If you love the bitty bum bottoms, then you will flip over Acacia Swimwear for 2014.

Check it out at: Acacia Swimwear Sale

~ C 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Swimming Under the Radar...Salt Swimwear

We've seen a lot of swimsuits and bikinis over the years.  Once in awhile, we come across a swimsuit label that is so darn cute, but the rest of the world just hasn't caught up to it yet.  Maybe we're the ones that are missing the mark, or maybe we are just way ahead of our time.  I like to think it's the latter. 

SALT Swimwear is one of those swimwear labels.  Designed with the California girl in mind, SALT Swimwear knows how to make a statement on the beach.   We've been carrying their bikinis and one-piece swimsuits for several years, although, I have to say, they are not our biggest selling brand.  Why is that?   Personally, I think that they are so innovative in their designs, their cuts are perfect and their quality is top notch.  They promote themselves and a classy way.  They get their product out on time.  What is it?  It probably is us.  Maybe we're not doing enough to tell our customers how wonderful this bikini brand is.  So....I'm telling ya!  SALT Swimwear is killer!  It's the cutest thing on the sand, or in the water!  So, let's cut to the chase.  Here is SALT Swimwear 2014:
 Salt Swimwear 2014 - Lola-Claudia Bikini Golden Mosaic Print
 Salt Swimwear 2014 - Lola-Claudia Bikini Black
 Salt Swimwear 2014 - Lola-Claudia Bikini Back

 Salt Swimwear 2014 - Lola-Claudia Bikini Optional Way to Wear Top

Salt Swimwear 2014 - Sesa-Lucy Bikini Aqua

Salt Swimwear 2014 - Sesa-Lucy Bikini Back

Salt Swimwear 2014 - Sesa-Lucy Bikini Aqua-Reverse Print

Salt Swimwear 2014 - Sesa-Lucy Bikini Moroccan Summer
Salt Swimwear 2014 - Sesa-Lucy Bikini Moroccan Summer-Reverse Solid

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A New Look for Our Swimwear Catalog!

After many, many, false starts, we finally have our new, improved catalog site live.  Tropi-Ties Swimwear has a fun, fresh look!  We love it and we hope that our customers will too.  No, the blog is not totally changed over yet.  I've got the header up there, but that's about it.  And don't expect to see our intro page: to sport the updated graphics yet either.  But, I promise, it's coming...hopefully next week.  One step at a time.

This is the 4th, or 5th time that we've changed our website design in the 18 years that we've been in business.  Lemme tell ain't easy!  It's a very creative, as well as labor intensive project and my hat is off to the designers at 1choice4yourstore.  The holidays threw them behind schedule, but they busted their bums to get our site done in record time...thanks Shawna and crew!  So, I really hope that you'll stop by and take a look.  You are welcome to leave comments here, at the blog.

OH...I almost forgot to tell you!  In celebration of the new site unveiling, we are offering a 10% off coupon on anything in the store...ANYTHING!  Just use the code BRANDNEWLOOK before 03/01/2014 when you check out.  Happy shopping!  We love you all!
~ C

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Bikini... Let's Get Serious

I have lived long enough to know that some people do not perceive the bikini as a serious topic of discussion.  For many of those folks that perhaps grew up in a land locked state, or country, without the warm sand of a beach to seduce them, they just don't get it.  To these people, the bikini is not a fashion, or lifestyle statement, it is merely a drooling over of soft porn. So, I say that for those of you who feel this way about the bikini,  I kindly advise you to, "click off. " 

This discussion is not about all that.  It is about what a bikini does for a soul, be it a goddess of fashion, or of a child of nature. And who better to understand that than the late, but forever wonderful, Diana Vreeland, the then editor of Harper's Bazaar magazine, who brought the bikini into the American girl's life in 1947?   ( The Diana Vreeland website.)
Diana Vreeland Spots the Bikini in St. Tropez
& Features it in HARPER'S BAAZAR
Ms. Vreeland, who later went on to become the editor of VOGUE magazine, called the bikini the "swoonsuit,"  that exposed, “everything about a girl except her mother’s maiden name,” and claimed it to be,  “the most important thing since the atom bomb.”  Oh for God's sake, of course she was right.  She was correct...more than correct! 

The timing of the unveiling of the bikini was impeccably perfect.  It came at the dawning of an era when American women were, "feeling their oats," as my mother used to say.  They were becoming more independent, more free in their feminine expression and their sexuality.  I dare to say that it was the MOST important fashion statement of its time!  Suddenly, unlike my mother, I, as a young woman, was able to stroll along the shoreline in the smallest piece of clothing that 'd everI owned and feel absolutely wonderful about myself.

Thank you Diana!
Thank You Veruschka!

And last, but never least...

Thank you Miss Bardot!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Anticipation is Killing Us! Swimwear Site Redo

I know, I know...I told you that our site would be live by now, but isn't.  We have gone through a lot of problems with web designers over the years.  There were many stops and starts...sigh...however, we are still standing staunchly behind our new, web design team, 1 Choice 4 Your Store.  This group of ladies are awesome!  They are adding a few more extra special touches to our site, so the reveal date has been set back a bit.  So, patience my's coming soon.

For now, while we're waiting, I need to tell you about another swimwear line that I've discovered.  One of my new faves is Issa de' mar.  It's another killer Hawaiian swimwear line...I'm seeing a trend here.  Anyway, two friends from the North Shore starting out by selling their bikinis from a tiger painted ice cream that's pretty damn plucky!  I love that!  Now, you might think that their swimsuits are, how shall we say, "rustic," but that couldn't be further from the truth.  Their one piece swimsuits are totally fashion forward and their hip, little bikinis are to die for. I really hope that you'll be seeing more of this original and clever bikini label in our catalog.  I am so excited to show you some pix, but as I've said many times before, I need permission from the owners and photographer first.  I'm working on that.  I think that I have several lines saved up to show you for 2014.  We'll do the grand display when the new site goes live...more to anticipate.

BTW, we do have a few, new 2014 swimsuits in.  The 2014 Boys+Arrows Swimwear just arrived and it's all pretty darn cute.  We also got three, new styles in from the 2014 Acacia sexy and very, very chic.   Tori Praver Swimwear for 2014 has also just come in...gorgeous.  We have a few specials on 2013 swimsuits, so you really must stop by the site...just avoid the construction.  Thanks...a warm aloha to all of our wonderful customers.

~ Cindy

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

On The Crest of A Wave...New Things To Come

It is dry, the ocean is very still and I wish a rain storm would come and liven things up.  Until then, we'll have to stir thing up ourselves.  So it's all about new things!

First, I want to let you know that our new site is almost ready to go live.  The graphics are done and it has been placed in the hands of the programmer. It looks fabulous!  A hearty applause for 1 Choice 4 Your Store web design team!!!  I really hope that my next post will be under the new look and format...fingers crossed.

New swimwear lines are coming our way.  One, is Lisa Blue, with Aussie designer Lisa Burke at the helm.  Lisa is a surfer girl and a true lover of whales.  She's had some amazing experiences with the whales that have inspired her to design her beautiful swimwear.  She is donating 25% of the net profits from her company to saving and protecting the whales through the Australian Whale Conservation Society (AWCS)  which is a registered, non-profit environmental organization, based in Queensland, Australia.  You can read about Lisa's story and ways that you can help on her website.  We praise her efforts and love her bikinis.  Look for a sultry little number done in blue velvet to arrive in a few weeks, ...yow...beautiful!  I'll post pix as soon as I have permission.

Another "new line" that we will be carrying is OndadeMar, which really isn't new for us.  We carried this ultra-pretty label for many years and we're so glad to have them back in our line-up.  This is a classy, elegant line, with impeccable styling.  Look for pix, (gotta have permission know the routine,) as soon as possible.  We expect their swimsuits to arrive around March. pix today, no rain today, no surf today...just blue skies and that's good.

~ C.