Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fashion Rio Summer 2011 - Ahhh...The Swimwear!

Rio's hot ticket to fashion kicked off this week, with their 17th Fashion Rio Summer 2011 show, held at Praça Mauá.  The show began on Thursday and will run until June 1st.  The theme for this season is ‘360º City on the Move’.

Two of our favorite swimwear designers, Salinas Swimwear, by Jacqueline de Biase and Lenny Niemeyer, for LENNY Swimwear, have already shown their wares, with Salinas showing on day one, followed by LENNY on day 2. (Images, Associated Press)
Salinas Swimwear Fashion Rio Summer 2011

Lenny Swimwear at Fashion Rio Summer 2011

More to come...

~ C.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Living The Life In LENNY

Lenny Niemeyer is a true visionary.  Her swimsuit designs are always way ahead of the crowd, not to mention ultra feminine and exquisitely made.  Her design aesthetic is modern and chic, using the newest fabrics, custom prints and unusual embellishments with impeccable detail.

A Brazilian native and former landscape architect, she began designing her own swimsuits after not finding what she wanted in the marketplace.  Later, Lenny worked and designed for other swimwear companies for many years, until she began her own swimwear line, simply named LENNY, in 1993.  She has grown the company to include 16 stores throughout Brazil, as well as a serious presence in the US, Latin America, Middle East, Caribbean, Canada and Europe.  Her designs are shown off by many of the top models in the business, such as Ana Beatriz Barros, Giselle Bündchen, Isabelli Fontana and Naomi Campbell.  She also has a strong celebrity following, including actress Nicole Kidman. 

Lenny Niemeyer has received many accolades from a long list fashion awards including winner of the Best Swimwear Designer at the PRÊMIO MODA BRASIL 2009.  Known for her fabulous parties, she has written a book titled, 'Niemeyer: Delícia Receber' (entertaining is a pleasure)  and has also been featured in a new film documentary by Wendy Dent, 'Girls From Ipanema.'

Tropi-Ties Swimwear has been carrying LENNY Swimwear for several years now.  Her bold designs have always caught my imagination.  This year's 2010 collection features several laser-cut styles, in new and daring shapes, created with some eye catching, custom prints.  The Landscape Laser-Cut Bikini (shown above left) is one of my absolute favorites.  While it is not a swimsuit for everyone, except the leanest of bodies, it shows off the feminine figure and curves.  This swimsuit is done in is a just single layer  of a slightly heavier weight fabric, allowing it to act as a second skin on the body.  The print is dreamy, yet contemporary.  The wide shoulder straps are comfortable, yet fashionable.  LENNY's  Batik Laser-Cut Bikini (shown lower left) is another great example of how Ms. Niemeyer is able to create new and interesting bodies while using avant garde fabrications.

Every serious swimsuit collector should have at least one LENNY swimsuit in their collection.  The 2010 LENNY swimsuit and cover-up styles are still available, with the 2011 swimsuits and cover-ups unveiling sometime next month...and I, for one, am anxiously waiting with great anticipation.

~ C.

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Swimsuit Labels in 2010 - Loads of Promise

This year we took in a few new swimwear lines that we had not carried before.  Some had already been out in the marketplace for awhile, others were fairly new.  One new line that I really liked this season was Peonie Swimwear.  This new line from Los Angeles did not have a lot of bodies to choose from this year, but what they did have is a great eye for shape and detail.  Their designs are simple, pretty and cut exactly right.  LA celebs have been picking up their bikinis and the fashion mags have taken have our customers.
Another new swimwear brand this season was Maaji Swimwear from Colombia.  The designers, Manuela and Amalia Sierra, have combined their wild imaginations to combine a kaleidoscope of colorful prints, with lots of fun embellishments, ruffles and unexpected shapes, all at a reasonable price point.  The look is very young and I would suggest that this is sized as a Junior/Teen line, not Missy.  Still, if you can wear this size group, then go for it...Maaji Swimwear's stuff is really cute!

Then, there's Agua Bendita Swimwear...Similar to Maaji Swimwear with it's use of mixed prints and fun trims, but more like a big sister.  This line is so sophisticated, while still absolutely adorable!  I had been watching this company for a couple of years and decided to finally jump in.  Our customers have been loving it.  Deservedly, Agua Bendita has been garnering much attention.  This season's Heavenly Delights collection features South African model Candice Swanepoel, who also just happens to be the newest Victoria's Secret Angel.

Agua Bendita was founded in 2003 by Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza, both graduates from the Colegiatura Colombiana de Diseño University, Medellin, Colombia.  The line has a definite Latin influence, with lots of handcrafted traditional details incorporated into their designs.  For example, one of my favorite Agua Bendita bikinis, the Bendito Ice Cream Bikini, incorporates the traditional, embroidered, bird motif used throughout South America.  We can't wait to see how these sisters incorporate their Latin influence in the upcoming 2011 Agua Bendita Swimwear collection.

Sauipe Swimwear caught my eye at a small gathering of reps in LA.  Their label name is inspired by the natural beauty of the Costa do Sauipe, on the north coast of Bahia, Brazil.  I fell in love with their simple, rich look, combined with their use of very high-end materials and superb craftsmanship.   Their fit is what I would call, "Moderate Brazilian", but not skimpy.  This season we decided to go with a a trio of bodies and a cool color group from Sauipe Swimwear's 2010 collection.  The Sapphire Beach Bandeau Bikini is done in one of their exclusive prints and the fit and workmanship are impeccable. The Dolphin Reef Bikini is a stationary tri-top swimsuit, done in a modern, window-pane print.  The Monte Carlo Maillot, created in a lavender solid, has a bandeau bodice and slight ruching along the waist...all gorgeous! 

Before I go, I can't forget to mention Tyler Rose Swimwear...this line is just plain sexy-fun!  Designer, Nichole Carroll, a true Californian at heart, had worked in a variety of jobs in the fashion industry, before setting out to create her own swimwear label.  Inspired by the vintage looks of a bygone era, she throws in a big dose of star glamor, mixed with a dash of rock-n-roll, into all of her designs.  The look is unique, eclectic, and totally Californian.  There is just nothing ordinary about it.  Nichole uses very unusual fabrics, from purple lames, to crocheted knits, to Native American bead work, to swishy all works for her. 

Now, it's time to settle down with the 2011 look books and see what's in store for next season...

~ C.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Australian Swimwear For 2010/2011 - Amazing Bikinis and Beach Cover-Ups

The Australians have hit the US swimwear market in a big way.  New look books and line sheets from down under are continually making their way to my desk.  Most of it is pretty cute, some of the styles are down right innovative.  I have to admit, it can be difficult for an American to deal with a swimsuit manufacturer who caters to the summer crowd in December and has no idea just how important it is to make deliveries before Memorial Day weekend.
One Aussie swimwear company that has figured out the logistics is Zimmermann Swimwear. Nicky and Simone Zimmermann, two sisters who started their fashion label fifteen years ago with modest means, have grown their company into a successful, international affair.  Their beachwear and clothing lines, with their unique styling and fresh approach, have been a huge hit everywhere they are shown.  I found them about 3 years ago and put a few Zimmermann bikinis and smashing cover-ups in our store.  The positive reaction from our customers was immediate and these days, we can barely keep them in stock.

Another Aussie swimwear line that I'm quite interested in is Kooey Swimwear .  They recently showed their latest wares at RAFW, Australian Fashion Week, this month.  Their colors fresh and their styling full of interesting approaches. This is a young line with definite room for growth and improvement, but I think that they may be able to take it to a higher level.  Hopefully, they will have the business platform to do so. 

Another Aussie swimwear line worth mentioning is Glamorous Life Swimwear.  There new looks are just coming out, so we'll just have to wait and see what they have going on.  If nothing else, it's a great name!

And so, 2011 appears to be shaping up to be the year of Ozzzz....we shall see.

~ C.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rosa Cha' Swimwear - Coming On Strong

While I'm on the subject of Rosa Cha'... Customers must know that they time their collections differently than most swimwear designers.  They're collections come in a little bit later, but they also offer a "High Summer" collection to tide over until Cruise. 
(More about that later.) 

Here's a gorgeous swimsuit from their Spring 2010 group.  Rosa Cha' Swimwear 2010 - Roses Maillot   I have to say, the picture does not do this swimsuit justice.  The embellishments around the neckline aren't just a few, flimsy, little, crocheted flowers, but an overabundant bouquet of luxuriously thick, crocheted blooms that are encrusted with tiny jewels and sequins.  It's absolutely fabulous!  There is a matching bandeau bikini as well: Rosa Cha' Swimwear 2010 - Roses Bandeau Bikini.  Of course everything that is done at Rosa Cha' is a work of ark.  They are truly collector's pieces and people do indeed collect them.

So, what's in Rosa Cha's future?  More of the same, I hope.  There's some great styles in the Rosa Cha' Fall/Winter 2010 collection that I'll post at a later date.  Until then...

~ C.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The 2010 season is about to come to a close.  So, what have been the hottest labels this year?  Some of the most sought after swimsuit designers this season have been Mara Hoffman, Zimmermann, Agua Bendita and a Jr./teen line called Maaji SwimwearRosa Cha Swimwear has been making a big comeback after changing designers.  Amir Slama has left the post and was replaced by Alexandre Herchcovitch.  Salinas Swimwear is also coming back in a good way, since reorganizing their distribution in the US.  Lenny Swimwear continues to hold a strong position in the market place, as does everyone's favorite 1-piece swimsuit queen, Karla Colletto.  I'm curious as to what new labels will come to light in 2011.

~ C.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Swimwear Blog - Something New For Tropi-Ties

Welcome!  OK...I will be the first to admit that my title is boring and mundane.  But for now, it stands...that is, until I get my writing skills and creative juices flowing.  I've been semi-blogging about swimwear for a long time now on our Tropi-Ties catalog site.  Each season I write about the newest, most fashionable swimwear, the shows, the designers...It's time to give my comments a new and permanent home.  I'm going to try to merge some of the past posts onto this new format.  Fingers crossed.  If unsuccessful, you can always visit our old spots at 2010 Swimwear Trends and 2011 Swimwear - What's In Store For Next Season?

Looking for the latest swimwear, swimsuits, or bikinis for women and teens?  Stop by our catalog at Tropi-Ties Swimwear .  There's lots of great sales going on now. 

If you are another swimwear retailer, we don't mind you visiting and posting kind comments, but please, don't post about your own site...just show some class and get your own blog.

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