Friday, June 28, 2013

New, 2013 Swimsuits Now On Sale at Tropi-Ties Swimwear!

In honor of the Summer Solstice, we've put two of our most popular swimsuit labels on sale:  Indah Swimwear 2013 and Salt Swimwear 2013.  You will find them on our ON SALE page.  There's some other great deals on there, as well.  Shop...ENJOY!

~ C.

Monday, June 24, 2013

PROMO TIME! Save Money at Tropi-Ties Swimwear!

There are some new promo codes out that all of you sun worshipers ought to know about.  Here are a couple of our latest offers at Tropi-Ties Swimwear:

Save 20% on Acacia Swimwear until 07/30/13 by using the coupon code ALOHAACACIA.
- Save 20% on Tavik Swimwear until 07/30/13 by using the coupon code TRIPPYTAVIK.

- Did you know that if you order over $200 in merchandise on any one order, you can receive FREE US PRIORITY SHIPPING? can pick up swimsuits for the whole family (or dorm, if you prefer,) in one, fell, swoop and the shipping is on us. Just make sure that your order totals over $200 and that you choose US Priority for your shipping option.

Be sure so check our PROMOTIONS page occasionally for more discounts!

~ C.