Friday, December 28, 2012

Tropi-Ties Coupon Code Magic!

OK, now's the time to pick up a new, 2013 swimsuit because we have a couple of coupon offerings that just became available:

- Save 10% on any order, no matter what the size, by using the coupon code SUNNYDAY. Offer good until 01/15/13.

- Save 20% on any one-piece swimsuit in our store by using the coupon code ONEPIECESAVINGS. Offer good until 02/28/13.

- Did you know that if you order over $200 in merchandise on any one order, you can receive FREE US PRIORITY SHIPPING? can pick up swimsuits for the whole family (or dorm, if you prefer,) in one, fell, swoop and the shipping is on us. Just make sure that your order totals over $200 and that you choose US Priority for your shipping option.


~ C.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Bit About Salt Swimwear

Some swim labels give us the expected, the usual, the barely affordable. But, Salt Swimwear is not that kind of label. It does just the opposite, delivering the unexpected, the unusual and it sure doesn't cost a year's salary to pick up one of their creations.


Marisa-Niki Scoop Top Bikini - Salt Swimwear 2013
Designer Layla Pakzad takes us to a new place; a new state of mind and after being in the swimwear business for all these years, I can really appreciate that.  Layla draws from her imagination, he love for vintage and artful objects and her passion for design.  She doesn't just follow the blueprint drawn up by the latest trends and fashion gurus.  She follows her own windsong, a very brave and difficult thing to do in this economy.  Layla keeps a blog.  Her entry, "5 Reasons to Say Yes-- Even When No Seems Easier " she lays it on the line.  She tells you all of the reasons that she designs the way she does.  It's certainly a positive approach, with a strong emphasis on "positive."  I like that.

Isla Laced One-Piece Swimsuit - Salt Swimwear 2013
For that reason, I want more people to know about her incredibly beautiful and amazing swimsuits.  Her designs are all fresh, they emit a passion, a sensuality, that I just haven't seen for a long time in the swim biz.  If you are brave like Layla, you'll say, "yes," one of her styles.  Will you look like every other girl on the beach?  No.  Will you get asked where you found that amazing swimsuit?  Yes!  Salt Swimwear 2013 has just arrived...take a chance.

~ C.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Bikinis & Stuff Just Came In!

We've got some new items in for the 2013 Swimwear season.  Here are some of our latest arrivals:

Tori Praver Swimwear 2013-  Two little T.P. bikinis just arrived.  The Cabazon Bikini is a sweet underwire style with lighter than air ruffles and mini-coverage in back.

Cabazon Underwire Bikini by Tori Praver

Cabazon Bikini by Tori Praver Swimwear
Tori Praver's Jasmine-Kalani Bikini has a wrap style top, mohave print and bitty bottom.
2013 Tori Praver Swimwear - Jasmine-Kalani Bikini

Jasmine-Kalani Bikini has a pretty wrap top
Boys + Arrows Swimwear for 2013 has hit our docks.  More sweet swimsuits from Meagan Scott!  She did a re-do of her top seller from last season, the "Helen the Hussy," bikini.  This time she went with a gorgeous, emerald green. 

Boys + Arrows Swimwear 2013 - Helen the Hussy "E" Bikini - Just Arrived

This bikini top has been huge!

B+A also went with fringe in various shades of green.  Here is one of her fringed bikinis done in Moss Green:
Boys + Arrows Swimwear 2013 - Blythe the Babe "M" Bikini - Just Arrived

The finge is just the right amount on this Boys+Arrows Bikini
I'll be back, posting more of the lastest swimsuits for the 2013 season.  Have a wonderful New Year!

~ C.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Personal View..It's Really All About People, Isn't It?

I have always made a promise to myself to never, ever, publish too much about myself on the internet.  Since I started Tropi-Ties in 1995, I've kept pretty true to that deal.  However, I think that it's time to share just a little with you all about my life.

As you may have noticed, my posts have been infrequent lately.  I have been moving, building a house, living out of boxes for Gawd knows how long, planning an upcoming wedding for my dau.  It's been a challenge, but hey, anyone who knows me can tell you that I'm always up for a good, clean fight.

However, the hardest part hit a few days ago when my mom passed away.  She was very old and I was the last person required to give my OK to let her go peacefully into the night.  Surprisingly, I had no problem making that decision.  She had been struggling with the act of living for some time. It was my final gift to her.  Still, I'm going to miss here terribly, in spite of all the craziness that she caused.  She too, was also up for any kind of challenge that flopped down in front of her.  She taught me well. 

So, we raise our martini glasses to you Mom! 

"Stirred , not shaken, (shaking bruises the booze,) just wave the bottle of vermouth over the glass, never eat the olive."

I promise to be back to business soon.
~ C.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PEARL Sails Home

I've missed her...she had been languishing in the harbor, paint peeling, tugging at her spring lines.  We'd been so busy this last couple of years, preparing our property for sale, then moving to a new ranch and building a house in Northern California.  Our beautiful 1974 Fuji ketch had been sorely neglected and left behind in Ventura, waiting for us to decide what to do with her.  We couldn't berth her close by.  The sailing on the Mendocino coastline is more fit for shallow keeled fishing boats, than a blue water sailboat. The boat market has been practically nonexistant and besides our family loves her and didn't really want to let her go.  We finally decided to make the long, upwind haul to San Francsico Bay and settle her into a new berth on the island of Alameda.  From there, we can sail the bay, venture up the coast a little, sleep over in the city and get the work done on her the she needs. 

My DH and Harry, an old, salty, seadog friend of ours, made the trip.  I didn't go...I was chicken.  I'd heard the stories about the pounding and sloshing around Point Arguello and had no desire to be scared out of my wits.  Luckily, the fair weather prevailed and their voyage was pretty calm, other than a couple of dark, foggy, hair raising hours just past Governments.

Here ae some pix that my DH took along the way.  I love you California...I love you hunny bunny...I love you PEARL. ~ C.

Swinging off the hook, waiting to sail around the point

Cliffs of Big Sur
California Big Sur Coastline

California Land's End
Headed for the SF Bay

Passing through the Golden Gate Bridge
PEARL's New Local Waters

Waterfront view of San Francisco

Home Stretch Passing Under the Oakland Bay Bridge

Monday, September 10, 2012

Maaji Swimwear 2013...A Columbian Rainbow!

Maaji Swimwear colors up our lives, once again this season with a plethora of adorable swimsuits and cover-ups.  Going thorugh their lookbook, it was hard to choose...I wanted them all!  We narrowed down the choices and here is a little taste of what we've come up with this season:

Cherry Reve Bikini - Maaji Swimwear 2013

Sour Popsicles Bikini - Maaji Swimwear 2013 

Oceanica Dreams Bikini - Maaji Swimwear 2013

There's more to come, so stay tuned my pretties! ~ C.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Has it been really over a month since I last posted?  OMG!  I am SO SORRY!  My dau is getting married and I've been immersed in the plans and preparations.  Not to mention, building a new house.  Meanwhile, the 2013 swimwear linesheets have been rolling in.  I'm up to my ears in lookbooks.  I love it all!  Now, to alert you with my discerning eye, as to what's on the horizon for the upcoming 2013 swim season. 

1st...Boys+Arrows Swimwear 2013 does not disappoint.  Yes, there will be more of the same, (all of you Helen the Hussy fans will not be denied,) but there are a few, new additions to their killer line-up.  I will post pix just as soon as I get permission from Meg. 

Acacia Swimwear for 2013 is just gorgeous, (Oh...and it's still very skimpy, BTW.  Would we have it any other way?)  The girls that can wear this line have a LOAD of confidence and the body to match.  When Acacia meets THAT kind of beach out!  I really can't post the pix...not allowed...sorry.  Keep an eye out for their new arrivals on our site.

SAHA Swimwear...this line is just so different.  They certainly do not follow the fads, but they put out some really cute and appealing stuff, none the less.  I like that!  They are NOT followers!  SAHA was a new line for us last season and was quite popular, right off, so I expect that they will be even more well received this year.  We're starting earlier with SAHA 2013, so you'll have a better chance to grab and go!
SAHA Swimwear 2013 - Chairama Bikini

Tori Praver Swimwear 2013 is just so pretty.  Tori really has a great sense about femininity and beach lifestyle.  We'll have some new Topi Praver Swimwear items coming in around the holidays. 
Tori Praver Swimwear 2013 - Kenny High-Waisted Bikini

Lenny Swimwear 2013 has a few, new surprises for us this season.  It's look is a little younger than in the past, but still five-star quality.  Here's a pic of one of my favorites:

Tie-Dye Long Halter With Leather Trim, Lenny Swimwear 2013
L*Space is on a Tsunami ride...what can I say?  We still love it this year and plan to bring it back for next season.  Designer, Monica Wise, is also debuting a new line: Maio Swim...A little more coverage than L*Space, a little more, "I'm a young mom now," look.  Still, very stylish and sexy with that distinct L*Space feel. 

More to come!  Now, off to shop wedding tents.  Love to all...C.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sauipe Swimwear 2013..Like A Crisp, Clean, Offshore Breeze

Sauipe Swimwear is not about fads, gimmicks or gadgets...just pure, classic lines and a feminine touch. Their workmanship is commendable, their fit is perfect. They have just released their 2013 swimwear line and we love it!  Here's a sampling of their new styles for the 2013 cruise season:

Blair 1-Piece Swimsuit by Sauipe Swimwear 2013

Hazel Bandeau Bikini by Sauipe Swimwear 2013

Eva 1-Piece Swimsuit by Sauipe Swimwear 2013

Sauipe Swimwear is just one of the many great swimsuit lines we'll be carrying this year.  Look for more previews of the 2013 swim collections, coming soon!
~ C.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Let the Swimwear Shows Begin!

I love the swimwear shows...and then again, I don't.  The swimsuits, the glamour, the designers...the crowds, the uppity-ups, the press.  I dunno...I remember when the Miami show was just a small, private affair, held over at the Mart.  No glamour there...just lots of great finds and friendly, hardworking reps.  Now, it's a lot of hype...although, still some good looking bikinis are to be found.  Maybe I'd like the European shows better.  That's where Maaji showed their 2013 swimwear collection, "Seaside Reverie," this year.  Here's some pix of their booth at Mode City Expo, Paris.  (Kindly taken from their blog.)

Maaji Swimwear 2013 at Mode City

"Seaside Reverie" Collection, Maaji Swimwear 2013
Although, you can't see much yet from these pix, what it clearly visible is a ton of cuteness.  I'm sure that Maaji will be coming on strong again this season.  Look for early arrivals in our store.

Another show that I've always wanted to go to is Rio (and Sao Paulo.)  Lenny and Salinas show there...they're Brazilian lines, after all. 

Salinas Swimwear 2013 - Rio

Not to dis Miami...there are really some great shows there.  The MB Fashion Week at the Raleigh has taken the spotlight lately with all of the glittery glam.  Salon Allure over at the W has given the MB and Miami Swim Show a run for their money.  Here's a new knitted swimsuit line that I really like: Maggie May Swimwear, out of my home stomping grounds, SF, now showing at Salon Allure and the upcoming NY CURVE show.

Maggie May Swimwear 2013, Salon Allure
Of course, Acacia Swimwear has now hit the big shows in Miami.  That was to be totally expected, seeing as how they're designs are so dang cute.  They've also been showing over at Salon Allure this week.  Here's an irresistible, high-waisted bikini from their latest wares.

Acacia Swimwear 2013 at Salon Allure

There's a few small shows in CA. I LOVE those! Easy-peasy ordering, no throngs of fashionistas and drooling men. (I know, I'm getting jaded.) I can't tell you where they secrets, you know. But, I will bring you the updates from them, as these are the shows where I find absolutely the BEST STUFF!  I'll let you know more about these lines later on. My radar is up and running...if there's a killer bikini out there, I'm sure to find it.  Good luck to all of those working the booths, putting the last minute touches on their new styles, making sure that their models look their best.  2013 Swimwear...BRING IT ON!

~ C.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Miami! Let the 2013 Swimwear Season Begin!

I love the Miami swim shows.  Too bad I'm not there this year.  I'm so sad about that.  I have personal obligations that keep me here in CA.  So, I'm doing the armchair reporting thing this season.  It's not that bad.  The reps have been so helpful by obliging me with all the info I need to make the 2013 picks.  Thanks to all.  I have to say that the lookbooks that have come across my desk for the 2013 line up have been VERY promising!  So many cute, cute swimsuits to choose from. Interesting cuts and swimsuit styles, lots of new, so many choices.  I'll be posting all this week about some of my favorite swimwear labels, so stay tuned. 

Good luck to all of those manning (womaning?) the booths and runways. 

Love to all!
~ C.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 time flies!  We've been so busy with our swimsuit sales!  We have them every year starting on Summer Solstice and this season we've been blessed with brisk sales.  No rest for the weary! 

I forgot to mention that we are also having a sale, or sorts, at our Outlet Store:  These auctions are for brand new, overstocked items and the bids start at only $29...nice!  Some are being bid way up, but others...they're going super cheap.  All of your favorite labels are there, so it's certainly worth a look-n-see.

Our regular, retail site still has its SWIMSUIT SALE going on, as well.

All sales will be ending soon.  No specific date, just whenever the inventory runs out.

Shop!  Enjoy!

~ C.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nothing Like a Bikini Sale!

Nope...nothing like it.  The closest thing that I can think of is a bridal gown blowout.  A swimsuit sale sets off the start of summer and brings in the shoppers by the droves.  It also marks the close of yet another swimwear season.  The new, 2013 swimsuit lookbooks are marching their way across our desks as I write this.  Soon, the fall season bathing suit styles will be on our catalog pages and you know what they is NOT like wine and cheese.  It doesn't get better with age.  So, with that in mind, we've marked down a large chunk of our 2012 inventory for your shopping pleasure.  This is just a fabulous time to pick up a cute, little bikini, or more modest, one-piece swimsuit!

 Our followers and loyal customers have learned about our sales over the years, so naturally, they're already on it.  Still, there's lots left to choose from.  You can check out our sale items at .  Just remember, all sales on the ON SALE items are final.  There are no returns allowed.  We do sometimes make an exception for exchanges, but the quantities of stock are very low, so you may not be able to exchange for a different size, since it may already be sold out by the time that you send it back.  It never hurts to email us first, as sometimes we can hold something for you, before it gets snatched away.

Here's a sampling of our SALE items:

Check our ON SALE page often, ,  as quantities & sizes available change frequently and new styles are continually added.

Shop! Enjoy!

~ C.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Looking Back on "Aloha"

"I am an old woman
Named after my mother
My old man is another
Child that's grown old"  ~ John Prine

I picked up the latest issue of O Magazine today and there they were on its pages, the children of the people of my youth.  All, beautiful, strong, women with a passion for the water, nature and all living on Kauai, my former home.  It brought me back.

I lived on the north shore of Kauai from 1972 to about the mid-1980s.  There was no "Princeville" when I first came to Hanalei as a young teenager.  In fact, it was a luxury just to have a house with electricity back then, let alone a house.  We were a progeny of the sun, the waves and the 60s and these women are the daughters of people that I remember.  I see Holt's daughter in there, as well as BK's... and Hambone's GRANDchildren?  OMG, where has time gone?

One of the women featured had lost an arm to a shark attack, yet still surfs daily.  One was of mixed heritage...glad to see that Hawaii is slowly, but surely, truly becoming the melting pot that it always strived to be.  I smiled to see that one, or two of the young ladies now have bikini labels...carry on.   Perhaps I'll look into offering their lines.  All were so earthy and beautiful. I'm so glad to see them honored in the magazine.

Check out Skip Wright's photo gallery, "Kauai in the 70s,"  (No, I'm not in there, but many of our old friends are.)
~ C. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sensational Solids...Somewhere Over the Bikini Rainbow

Prints have had their fun and as much as I love creating, designing and selling printed bikinis, the time has come for solid colors to take the scene.  There's the perennial black, (see my previous post below,) but there's also a miraid of new hues making it poolside this season.  The biggest color that we're seeing this summer is "Mint."  Boys + Arrows did one that borders on a bright; it's so cheerful. 
Helen the Hussy Bandeau Bikini by Boys + Arrows Swimwear

Red is also a big deal this year.  Honestly, we really didn't order enough of it...we could have sold a lot more.  Marysia Swim did a little red number. 
Acapulco Bikini by Marysia Swim

The neons have been eyecatching and extremely popular...B+A did several. 
Debbie Danger Bikini by Boys + Arrows Swimwear

 And, both Karla Colletto and ANK did a, "nude pink," that has been well received. 
Ruching Skirted Bikini by Karla Colletto

Aliseos Bikini byANK Swimwear

 Turquoise, aqua, azul, blue...all those water colors will never go out of style; nor will they ever look bad against any skin tone.  My favorite is this Lenny bikini. 

Chain With Rings Bikini by Lenny Swimwear

Then, there's always looks crisp, clean and fabulous.  These days, white is much more popular than in the past, because of the newer, "no see through," linings that are available to the industry today.   Marysia did my fave.
Marbella Bikini by Marysia Swim

 I'd go on and on about bikini colors this morning, but this is the busy season, so I'll cut it short and sweet and leave you to ponder the rainbow.

~ C.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cool In Black On a Hot Summer Day

There's been a lot of buzz about prints over the last few years, but I have to say, nothing looks fresher, leaner, cooler, cleaner than a black swimsuit on a hot, summer day.  Black looks fantastic on all skin tones, it certainly doesn't make one's figure look larger than normal and DAMN, it's just so freakin' chic!  One-piece, or bikini, it doesn't matter...they both look killer.  Here are some of my favorite black swimsuits for 2012:

The Shyla Bikini by Tori Praver has those strappy sides that give the bikini a new, sexy it!

Tori Praver Swimwear 2012 - Shyla Bikini  $196.00

Tori Praver also did a gorgeous black one-piece that is slimming and sexy:

Tori Praver Swimwear 2012 - Kelly One Piece Swimsuit


Marysia Swim did an exquisite scalloped black bikini that I adore.  The clean finish and workmanship on this suit is marvelous!

Marysia Swim 2012 - Antibes Strapless Bandeau Bikini


We can't leave out Karla Colletto, the queen of the one-piece swimsuit.  This black, lace, one-piece covers just enough, give support where needed and still looks stylish:

Karla Colletto Swimwear 2012 - Lace 1 Piece Swimsuit


Cali Dreaming takes on the black bikini in a whole, new way.  I'm diggin' the mesh fabric that they used here.  (Don't worry, it's lined.)

Cali Dreaming Swimwear 2012 - Black Diamond Mesh Bikini - Just Arrived


Lenny Swimwear delivers with this black, bandeau, one-piece swimsuit...gorgeous!

Lenny Swimwear 2012 - Strapless One Piece - Stone Maillot

We have a few other black swimsuit choices in our catalog.  go ahead...have a look-see!  don't let another season go by without a black bikini, or maillot in your swim wardrobe.

 ~ C.