Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When Black Friday Comes...Here's the Tropi-Ties Coupon Code For the Day

Maybe I'm showing my age, but honestly, every time I hear the term, "Black Friday," I think of Steely Dan's song and visualize men in their wall street best, floating past the window to meet their fate.  It's a grim vision.  Perhaps we should call this shopping day of all shopping days something else?  "Frantic Friday," "Fab Friday," "Freakin' Friday," or simply, "the day after Thanksgiving."  Anyway, I'll go with the flow and let you in on some divine, little, coupon codes that will help you make your shopping just a little easier this year.  All you have to do is plug them into your checkout page when prompted, and voila!  You will see some serious pocket change taken off of your bill. 

Tropi-Ties Swimwear always has a few discount codes floating around.  Many of them are posted on our PROMOTIONS page, so be sure to check there first.  You'll also see a few, really, really great ones posted in our Twitter and Facebook posts.  Those are generally good for a limited time, but not always.  We've never posted any of them here before, so what the heck.  Here's a fantastic code that will save you 30% off of your order from Tropi-Ties Swimwear this weekend only, beginning on "Black Friday."
The code is:


Just insert this code at the proper place when checking out and you will get a 30% discount off of your merchandise purchased.  Does not apply to shipping or tax.  The offer expires on Sunday night.  It's good for anything in the store...new arrivals...items on sale...anything that is in stock at the time.  If it's out of stock, sorry, no can do.

We all hope that you have a very happy and safe holiday.  Sending out out our good vibes to all!

~ C.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The New Swimwear Arrivals Come Marching In!

Melissa!  Check! 
Zimmermann!  Check! 
Colletto!  Check! 

The new swimwear labels for 2011 take their posts and my, aren't they a glamorous sight!  Melissa Odabash Swimwear arrived last week and is already selling out.  Zimmermann Swimwear and beach frocks also showed up, as well as the 2011 Karla Colletto One Piece Swimsuits.  There were no disappointments...all of the styles are crafted beautifully and are sure to please our discerning customers.  Here are some of the standouts:

We think that this Karla Colletto swimsuit will be a great 1-piece for actually swimming in, with it's wide shoulder straps and hidden underwire support.  However, we feel that nothing has been sacrificed in style.  This swimsuit may be practical, but it's still very chic and contemporary with it's ruffled and buttoned detail. 

OK...so there was one small ordering error.  We thought that this Zimmermann swimsuit was going to come in a black and white print.  Instead, it arrived in a solid, titanium steel grey, which we all voted on, hands down, as a great improvement over the print.  The sleek grey color elevated this bikini to a whole new level.  Not only that, but it also has a matching silk beach frock that is just heavenly.

So, Melissa Odabash Swimwear 2011 came in and pfffftttt!  Out it went!  (Don't worry, we have back ups.)  Everyone seems to love this Brit with her classic, yet subtly sexy, sense of style. She is well known for her beach cover-ups and this year, Melissa combined her signature color of the season, "Jade,"  with this embroidered and embellished top. 

Yes...of course...there's a fabulous bikini to match. (See my last post on Melissa Odabash Swimwear 2011.)

There should be more styles coming in this week.  We are expecting Salinas, Agua Bendita and a few others.  I'll keep you posted on the new arrivals.

~ C.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Melissa Odabash Swimwear 2011 - Another Year of Classics

Once again, Melissa Odabash delivers with a collection of sophisticated classics.  Nothing overly, "trendizoid," here, just great swimsuits and fabulous cover-ups that will go the distance, which is certainly good in this crazy economy.  You can rest assured that if you put out some serious change for a beautiful, designer swimsuit by Miss Odabash, you won't be passing it on to the thrift store next season, or even the next. The quality and the look of Melissa Odabash Swimwear has lasting power.

So, what's my favorite MO bikini this year?  I would have to say, the "Evita Bikini," a bandeau done in a precious turquoise blue. 

My favorite Melissa cover-up?  Definitely the black fringed, "Sandy" poncho.  I love anything that looks Spanish, or Portuguese.

 Melissa also did a few other perennials, such as her classic animal print, which has been fashioned into a sexy boy short bikini and her Indian inspired cover-up designs.

We just got the news that the 2011 Melissa Odabash Swimwear and Cover-Ups will be arriving from across the pond any day, so if you've been waiting for their arrival, please email us, or stop by our online store for updates. 

~ C.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zimmermann Swimwear 2011 - Now Arriving at Tropi-Ties Swimwear

Glory Hallelujah! The first of the 2011 Zimmermann Swimwear, has just arrived! I have to say, those Zimmermann sisters sure do bring us a ton of style from down under. The first two swimsuits that came in they are just to die for!

First, there's the Ebony Rose Seashell Bikini, with its unique bandeau top and lacy bottom. The top has a scalloped detail and very slight padding to help shape and support. There’s an optional, thin, halter strap provided. The bottom is done in a flat, black lace and is cut just right, not too skimpy and not too full. Although, it's not the cheapest swimsuit that we carry, it's worth every penny, based on an overload of style and superb craftsmanship and fit.

Second, we received from Zimmermann what has to be THE most glam one piece swimsuit of the season: The Copy Cat Ruched Corset 1 Piece Swimsuit. I love the vintage glamour that these Aussie designers brought to the deck, while taking a totally modern approach, without it looking like something that came from the thrift store.

Looking good so far Zim! More styles from the 2011 Zimmermann Swimwear collection will be arriving soon. Until then, we will savor what we've got. 

Shop for these Zimmermann Swimsuits now at Tropi-Ties Swimwear.

~ C.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Suddenly Sandals...The Newest Arrivals at Tropi-Ties

We're excited!  We have new shipments of sandals coming in soon!   The Cocobelle Sandals label is making its debut at Tropi-Ties Swimwear and not a minute too soon.  Their funky, fun styles have made all the celeb pages and press and we love their look, not to mention, the way they're made.  We're starting things off with 3 Cocobelle styles:
Indian Eyes Sandals by Cocobelle

Maaji Swimwear is also doing a line of sandals and bags this season, using the same prints as their crazy bikinis.  This should be fun!  Look for the Maaji sandals and accessory items to start arriving this January.

One other sandal label to keep an eye out for is Trove TKEES Sandals.  We'll tell you more about these trendy little TKEE flip flops at a later date.

~ C.