Saturday, January 21, 2012

Acacia Swimwear 2012... Their Super Cute Bikinis are Sailing In on the Trades

Acacia Swimwear shows off its beach confidence  this year with some crazy cute, "cutie booty," bikinis that certainly have "cheeky attitudes."  Naomi Newirth is the designer for this hot swim label, along with good friend,  Lyndie Irons.  Their fresh looks and tiny backsides arrive soon, straight from Maui, Hawaii.  Here's a peek of what to expect:

Haiku-Byron Bikini by Acacia Swimwear

Haiku-Byron Bikini Backside

Kenya-Seminyak Bikini - Acacia Swimwear 2012

Kenya-Seminyak Backside

Montauk-Hamoa Bikini w/Fringe Top

Montauk-Hamoa Bikini Backside

Petitenget-Mumbai Bikini by Acacia

Petitenget-Mumbai Bikini Backside

~ C.


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