Friday, July 27, 2012

Sauipe Swimwear 2013..Like A Crisp, Clean, Offshore Breeze

Sauipe Swimwear is not about fads, gimmicks or gadgets...just pure, classic lines and a feminine touch. Their workmanship is commendable, their fit is perfect. They have just released their 2013 swimwear line and we love it!  Here's a sampling of their new styles for the 2013 cruise season:

Blair 1-Piece Swimsuit by Sauipe Swimwear 2013

Hazel Bandeau Bikini by Sauipe Swimwear 2013

Eva 1-Piece Swimsuit by Sauipe Swimwear 2013

Sauipe Swimwear is just one of the many great swimsuit lines we'll be carrying this year.  Look for more previews of the 2013 swim collections, coming soon!
~ C.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Let the Swimwear Shows Begin!

I love the swimwear shows...and then again, I don't.  The swimsuits, the glamour, the designers...the crowds, the uppity-ups, the press.  I dunno...I remember when the Miami show was just a small, private affair, held over at the Mart.  No glamour there...just lots of great finds and friendly, hardworking reps.  Now, it's a lot of hype...although, still some good looking bikinis are to be found.  Maybe I'd like the European shows better.  That's where Maaji showed their 2013 swimwear collection, "Seaside Reverie," this year.  Here's some pix of their booth at Mode City Expo, Paris.  (Kindly taken from their blog.)

Maaji Swimwear 2013 at Mode City

"Seaside Reverie" Collection, Maaji Swimwear 2013
Although, you can't see much yet from these pix, what it clearly visible is a ton of cuteness.  I'm sure that Maaji will be coming on strong again this season.  Look for early arrivals in our store.

Another show that I've always wanted to go to is Rio (and Sao Paulo.)  Lenny and Salinas show there...they're Brazilian lines, after all. 

Salinas Swimwear 2013 - Rio

Not to dis Miami...there are really some great shows there.  The MB Fashion Week at the Raleigh has taken the spotlight lately with all of the glittery glam.  Salon Allure over at the W has given the MB and Miami Swim Show a run for their money.  Here's a new knitted swimsuit line that I really like: Maggie May Swimwear, out of my home stomping grounds, SF, now showing at Salon Allure and the upcoming NY CURVE show.

Maggie May Swimwear 2013, Salon Allure
Of course, Acacia Swimwear has now hit the big shows in Miami.  That was to be totally expected, seeing as how they're designs are so dang cute.  They've also been showing over at Salon Allure this week.  Here's an irresistible, high-waisted bikini from their latest wares.

Acacia Swimwear 2013 at Salon Allure

There's a few small shows in CA. I LOVE those! Easy-peasy ordering, no throngs of fashionistas and drooling men. (I know, I'm getting jaded.) I can't tell you where they secrets, you know. But, I will bring you the updates from them, as these are the shows where I find absolutely the BEST STUFF!  I'll let you know more about these lines later on. My radar is up and running...if there's a killer bikini out there, I'm sure to find it.  Good luck to all of those working the booths, putting the last minute touches on their new styles, making sure that their models look their best.  2013 Swimwear...BRING IT ON!

~ C.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Miami! Let the 2013 Swimwear Season Begin!

I love the Miami swim shows.  Too bad I'm not there this year.  I'm so sad about that.  I have personal obligations that keep me here in CA.  So, I'm doing the armchair reporting thing this season.  It's not that bad.  The reps have been so helpful by obliging me with all the info I need to make the 2013 picks.  Thanks to all.  I have to say that the lookbooks that have come across my desk for the 2013 line up have been VERY promising!  So many cute, cute swimsuits to choose from. Interesting cuts and swimsuit styles, lots of new, so many choices.  I'll be posting all this week about some of my favorite swimwear labels, so stay tuned. 

Good luck to all of those manning (womaning?) the booths and runways. 

Love to all!
~ C.