Monday, October 17, 2011

Sittin' Sweet in the Sand With SAHA Swimwear

SAHA Swimwear is another one of our new lines this season.  I took a good look at the line last season, but with moving and all, I had to take them off the list.  They did some pretty cute stuff this year, so we went with a couple of their bikinis and cute one piece swimsuit for 2012. 

SAHA Swimwear  - Pure Romance 1-Piece Swimsuit

Their look is fairly young.  I think that the mid-teen will enjoy their choice of fabrics and cuts, although the, "Happy Tears," bikini would definitely appeal to someone a little older.   

Love N Light Bikini by SAHA Swimwear

SAHA Swimwear 2012 - Happy Tears Bikini
 Anyway, it's a sweet line, with lots of calico florals and vintage prints.  I should be in very soon and being a new line, we didn't order too much of it.  So, you're liking what you see, check our SAHA Swimwear page often.  I think that these swimsuits will disappear as fast as your feet can fly over a hot, sandy beach.

~ C.

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