Monday, May 24, 2010

Swimwear Blog - Something New For Tropi-Ties

Welcome!  OK...I will be the first to admit that my title is boring and mundane.  But for now, it stands...that is, until I get my writing skills and creative juices flowing.  I've been semi-blogging about swimwear for a long time now on our Tropi-Ties catalog site.  Each season I write about the newest, most fashionable swimwear, the shows, the designers...It's time to give my comments a new and permanent home.  I'm going to try to merge some of the past posts onto this new format.  Fingers crossed.  If unsuccessful, you can always visit our old spots at 2010 Swimwear Trends and 2011 Swimwear - What's In Store For Next Season?

Looking for the latest swimwear, swimsuits, or bikinis for women and teens?  Stop by our catalog at Tropi-Ties Swimwear .  There's lots of great sales going on now. 

If you are another swimwear retailer, we don't mind you visiting and posting kind comments, but please, don't post about your own site...just show some class and get your own blog.

~ C

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