Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rosa Cha' Swimwear - Coming On Strong

While I'm on the subject of Rosa Cha'... Customers must know that they time their collections differently than most swimwear designers.  They're collections come in a little bit later, but they also offer a "High Summer" collection to tide over until Cruise. 
(More about that later.) 

Here's a gorgeous swimsuit from their Spring 2010 group.  Rosa Cha' Swimwear 2010 - Roses Maillot   I have to say, the picture does not do this swimsuit justice.  The embellishments around the neckline aren't just a few, flimsy, little, crocheted flowers, but an overabundant bouquet of luxuriously thick, crocheted blooms that are encrusted with tiny jewels and sequins.  It's absolutely fabulous!  There is a matching bandeau bikini as well: Rosa Cha' Swimwear 2010 - Roses Bandeau Bikini.  Of course everything that is done at Rosa Cha' is a work of ark.  They are truly collector's pieces and people do indeed collect them.

So, what's in Rosa Cha's future?  More of the same, I hope.  There's some great styles in the Rosa Cha' Fall/Winter 2010 collection that I'll post at a later date.  Until then...

~ C.

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