Monday, September 6, 2010

Salinas Swimwear 2011 - What's In Store For This Iconic Swimwear Brand?

Ya just gotta love Salinas Swimwear...they've kept it all together during these turbulent times and still managed to come up with some cute, new, cleverly styled bikinis.  The 2011 Salinas Swimwear Collection is now being unveiled at Tropi-Ties and it's to die for.  They've gone sweet on us this year and put up some sexy, little, ruffled numbers, done in feminine florals. 

They've also gone bright and  bold in 2011 with a rainbow plaid bikini.
Bikinis and prints aren't the only thing that Salinas Swimwear did well this season.  They have a couple of eye catching one piece swimsuits, as well as a sexy, black, tasseled bikini that personally, I just love. 

Salinas Swimwear is a master at blurring the line between a young, junior/teen look and a grown up girl style.  I think that's why everyone loves them so much.  That, and that true sense of fun that is inherent in each and every Salinas swimsuit.  They've managed to keep their prices reasonable too.  (Although, I have to say that the most expensive ones tend to be my favorites...such is life.)

The 2011 Salinas Swimwear is arriving this fall.  Stop by and preview the new Salinas Swimwear Collection before it hits the shelves at Tropi-Ties Swimwear

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