Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crystal Jin Swimwear 2012...Luxury By The Sea

Crystal Jin Swimwear 2012 - Solaire-Varick Bikini
We've been totally entranced by Crystal Jin Swimwear this season...So much so, that we decided to bring the line in, even though we were somewhat late.  We're confident that our customers will love it, once they get a chance to experience the beautiful fabrics, surpurb workmanship and an refined fit.  This line has a delecate quality to it, almost lingerie-like, with a silky, sumptuous, touch of luxe.   The straps are thin, the cut is elegant, the sewing is perfect...these are absolutely gorgeous swimsuits.  So girls, if you're looking for that special bikini to take on a romantic tryste, check out Crystal Jin.
Madison-Chrystie Bikini by Crystal Jin

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