Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zimmermann Swimwear 2011 - Now Arriving at Tropi-Ties Swimwear

Glory Hallelujah! The first of the 2011 Zimmermann Swimwear, has just arrived! I have to say, those Zimmermann sisters sure do bring us a ton of style from down under. The first two swimsuits that came in they are just to die for!

First, there's the Ebony Rose Seashell Bikini, with its unique bandeau top and lacy bottom. The top has a scalloped detail and very slight padding to help shape and support. There’s an optional, thin, halter strap provided. The bottom is done in a flat, black lace and is cut just right, not too skimpy and not too full. Although, it's not the cheapest swimsuit that we carry, it's worth every penny, based on an overload of style and superb craftsmanship and fit.

Second, we received from Zimmermann what has to be THE most glam one piece swimsuit of the season: The Copy Cat Ruched Corset 1 Piece Swimsuit. I love the vintage glamour that these Aussie designers brought to the deck, while taking a totally modern approach, without it looking like something that came from the thrift store.

Looking good so far Zim! More styles from the 2011 Zimmermann Swimwear collection will be arriving soon. Until then, we will savor what we've got. 

Shop for these Zimmermann Swimsuits now at Tropi-Ties Swimwear.

~ C.

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