Monday, November 22, 2010

The New Swimwear Arrivals Come Marching In!

Melissa!  Check! 
Zimmermann!  Check! 
Colletto!  Check! 

The new swimwear labels for 2011 take their posts and my, aren't they a glamorous sight!  Melissa Odabash Swimwear arrived last week and is already selling out.  Zimmermann Swimwear and beach frocks also showed up, as well as the 2011 Karla Colletto One Piece Swimsuits.  There were no disappointments...all of the styles are crafted beautifully and are sure to please our discerning customers.  Here are some of the standouts:

We think that this Karla Colletto swimsuit will be a great 1-piece for actually swimming in, with it's wide shoulder straps and hidden underwire support.  However, we feel that nothing has been sacrificed in style.  This swimsuit may be practical, but it's still very chic and contemporary with it's ruffled and buttoned detail. there was one small ordering error.  We thought that this Zimmermann swimsuit was going to come in a black and white print.  Instead, it arrived in a solid, titanium steel grey, which we all voted on, hands down, as a great improvement over the print.  The sleek grey color elevated this bikini to a whole new level.  Not only that, but it also has a matching silk beach frock that is just heavenly.

So, Melissa Odabash Swimwear 2011 came in and pfffftttt!  Out it went!  (Don't worry, we have back ups.)  Everyone seems to love this Brit with her classic, yet subtly sexy, sense of style. She is well known for her beach cover-ups and this year, Melissa combined her signature color of the season, "Jade,"  with this embroidered and embellished top. 

Yes...of course...there's a fabulous bikini to match. (See my last post on Melissa Odabash Swimwear 2011.)

There should be more styles coming in this week.  We are expecting Salinas, Agua Bendita and a few others.  I'll keep you posted on the new arrivals.

~ C.

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