Friday, July 27, 2012

Sauipe Swimwear 2013..Like A Crisp, Clean, Offshore Breeze

Sauipe Swimwear is not about fads, gimmicks or gadgets...just pure, classic lines and a feminine touch. Their workmanship is commendable, their fit is perfect. They have just released their 2013 swimwear line and we love it!  Here's a sampling of their new styles for the 2013 cruise season:

Blair 1-Piece Swimsuit by Sauipe Swimwear 2013

Hazel Bandeau Bikini by Sauipe Swimwear 2013

Eva 1-Piece Swimsuit by Sauipe Swimwear 2013

Sauipe Swimwear is just one of the many great swimsuit lines we'll be carrying this year.  Look for more previews of the 2013 swim collections, coming soon!
~ C.

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