Sunday, March 2, 2014

Swimming Under the Radar...Salt Swimwear

We've seen a lot of swimsuits and bikinis over the years.  Once in awhile, we come across a swimsuit label that is so darn cute, but the rest of the world just hasn't caught up to it yet.  Maybe we're the ones that are missing the mark, or maybe we are just way ahead of our time.  I like to think it's the latter. 

SALT Swimwear is one of those swimwear labels.  Designed with the California girl in mind, SALT Swimwear knows how to make a statement on the beach.   We've been carrying their bikinis and one-piece swimsuits for several years, although, I have to say, they are not our biggest selling brand.  Why is that?   Personally, I think that they are so innovative in their designs, their cuts are perfect and their quality is top notch.  They promote themselves and a classy way.  They get their product out on time.  What is it?  It probably is us.  Maybe we're not doing enough to tell our customers how wonderful this bikini brand is.  So....I'm telling ya!  SALT Swimwear is killer!  It's the cutest thing on the sand, or in the water!  So, let's cut to the chase.  Here is SALT Swimwear 2014:
 Salt Swimwear 2014 - Lola-Claudia Bikini Golden Mosaic Print
 Salt Swimwear 2014 - Lola-Claudia Bikini Black
 Salt Swimwear 2014 - Lola-Claudia Bikini Back

 Salt Swimwear 2014 - Lola-Claudia Bikini Optional Way to Wear Top

Salt Swimwear 2014 - Sesa-Lucy Bikini Aqua

Salt Swimwear 2014 - Sesa-Lucy Bikini Back

Salt Swimwear 2014 - Sesa-Lucy Bikini Aqua-Reverse Print

Salt Swimwear 2014 - Sesa-Lucy Bikini Moroccan Summer
Salt Swimwear 2014 - Sesa-Lucy Bikini Moroccan Summer-Reverse Solid

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  1. Cool and attractive bikinis dresses , really want to try couple of them!