Tuesday, January 7, 2014

On The Crest of A Wave...New Things To Come

It is dry, the ocean is very still and I wish a rain storm would come and liven things up.  Until then, we'll have to stir thing up ourselves.  So it's all about new things!

First, I want to let you know that our new site is almost ready to go live.  The graphics are done and it has been placed in the hands of the programmer. It looks fabulous!  A hearty applause for 1 Choice 4 Your Store web design team!!!  I really hope that my next post will be under the new look and format...fingers crossed.

New swimwear lines are coming our way.  One, is Lisa Blue, with Aussie designer Lisa Burke at the helm.  Lisa is a surfer girl and a true lover of whales.  She's had some amazing experiences with the whales that have inspired her to design her beautiful swimwear.  She is donating 25% of the net profits from her company to saving and protecting the whales through the Australian Whale Conservation Society (AWCS)  which is a registered, non-profit environmental organization, based in Queensland, Australia.  You can read about Lisa's story and ways that you can help on her website.  We praise her efforts and love her bikinis.  Look for a sultry little number done in blue velvet to arrive in a few weeks, ...yow...beautiful!  I'll post pix as soon as I have permission.

Another "new line" that we will be carrying is OndadeMar, which really isn't new for us.  We carried this ultra-pretty label for many years and we're so glad to have them back in our line-up.  This is a classy, elegant line, with impeccable styling.  Look for pix, (gotta have permission first...you know the routine,) as soon as possible.  We expect their swimsuits to arrive around March.

So...no pix today, no rain today, no surf today...just blue skies and that's good.

~ C. 

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