Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's On To Vegas...The 2011 Fashion Trade Shows, MAGIC and More

A few words of wisdom to my fashion buyer:

The Las Vegas fashion trade shows are daunting to say the least.  There's MAGIC (no magicians,) POOL (no pool,) PROJECT (no construction workers,) ISAM (NOT "Sam I am,") CURVE (no windy road,) SLATE (no rock quarry) and I'm sure that I'm forgetting a few more spin-off shows. This is some serious sourcing.  Pack your gym shoes, bring practical clothes and don't forget your wallet...Las Vegas isn't a cheap town by any means. Seriously, a buyer should consider doing some long distance training before going, because honey, you're going to walk miles and miles and miles.  This is a marathon show!  Then there are marathon parties too...which I advise you to go early, leave're going to need your strength and wits about you for that 9AM appointment.  For a fashion buyer, this is probably a group of the most important shows that you can attend, so be smart about it.  I only say this because I've seen good sourcers bite the dust many, MANY times in LV and it isn't pretty when they get back home, so be forewarned.

OK, I've made my point and now you know why I am not going this year.  I'm sending you, one of our savviest girls, to hunt for a few needed items for the catalog.  I know that you'll do great.  You can battle the crowds, swelter in the heat, and nurse the hangover.  You're only there for a and out.  How much damage can be done? 

"Parties?"  NO 
"Gambling Expense Account?" NO 
"VIP Club?"  NO 
"A Headlining Show?"  NO
"Dinner at Le Cirque?" NO 
"Well, Can I have a new bikini for the trip?"  NO 
Just come back with some killer stuff and in one piece.

MAGIC is serious business.

~ C.

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