Sunday, August 22, 2010

Karla Colletto Swimwear 2011 - Looking Forward To Fall

Karla Colletto keeps coming up with more and more classic, one piece swimsuits.  I love my Karla swimsuits...and I've seen a LOT of swimsuits in my career.  Granted, there was a day when I wore nothing but the tiniest string bikinis, but now that I'm, "more mature," (IE; not 20 years old and hanging a kid on each arm,) I'm so glad that Karla is around.  I always feel sexy and beautiful in my KC swimsuits.  The fit is impeccable, the styling is classic, the the quality and workmanship is beyond compare.  Plus, the support is where I need it, with Karla's hidden, floating under wire bodice.  I will never settle for a cheaply made swimsuit from the discount chain store or catalog again. EVER!!!  I slip my KC swimsuit on and head for the pool knowing that I look beautiful and that the swimsuit won't come apart while doing my laps and lazing through the afternoon.  After all...enjoying the beach and pool isn't a matter of demographics.  We should all enjoy our day in the sun.

The new Karla Colletto Swimwear 2011 Collection is full of fanciful bathing suits.  I absolutely love the Black Piping One Piece Swimsuit and have ordered an extra one just for "Moi."  The color is fabulous, the styling superb and the fit...oh, the like nothing else. I feel at least 20 pounds thinner!  Whether, your 25, or 55, this swimsuit will look divine on everyone.   This is a bathing suit that I can actually wear in front of friends and family and know that I look, "killer," in it!  There are no regrets.   So, it's on to fall...on to romantic escapes...tropical beaches, sweet days lazing by the pool with my, "Honey," and time for a new Karla Colletto Swimsuit!


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