Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Break, The Ultimate Bikini Parade

Spring Break is just around the corner.  It's a raucous time of partying with friends and playing in the sun and the showing off of those beautiful bodies and glorious, new bikinis and swimsuits of the season.  In a way, it's the ultimate coming out beach party for the swimsuit industry.  The latest 2011 swimwear will be gracing the shores of Cancun, South Padre, South Beach, Acapulco, LV, Puerto Rico and anywhere else that's tropical, fun and can handle the crowds.

This season, the hottest swim labels for the college customer are Agua Bendita, Maaji, Salinas, Mara Hoffman, L*Space, Red Carter and Zimmerman.  The most popular bikini styles are the bandeau, the bustier, and variations of the tri-top/tie-side.  There are a couple of 1-piece swimsuits that also make the grade: 

Agua Bendita's Bendito Santo 1 Piece

Red Carter's Ruffled Plunge
Marysia Swim's Meke Maillot

As college tuitions go up, it's nice to know that swimsuit prices have stayed about the same...maybe even dropped a little.  However, to help with things a little more, Tropi-Ties offers several coupon codes and discounts on our Promotions page.  They can make your day in the sun just a little sunnier and leave you a little extra cash for those other hedonistic activies.

So, Bon Voyage!  Have fun out there and please be safe.  (I'm a Mom, after all.)

~ C.

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