Saturday, September 24, 2011

Maaji Swimwer 2012 Just as Cute as Ever!!!!

Maaji Swimwear keeps us smiling.  They always deliver cute, cute bikinis at a reasonable price.  Now what beachgoer doesn't like that?  Here's just a little preview of what's to come this Fall from Maaji Swimwear 2012:

Maaji Swimwear 2012 - Splendid Treasure Bikini $108
I'm diggin' the side swoop on this top.  It reminds me of the set-in styles of the 70s.  $108

Seahorse Ride Tankini by Maaji $155
I can't tell you how many times we have had requests for a new tankini, but I just hadn't found a cute enough one until now.  I LOVE THIS!
Maaji Bikini 2012 - Tsunami Sublime Bikini  $120 
A very sweet bandeau bikini for 2012!

Maaji Swimwear 2012 - Delightful Seafarer Bikini $128
Maaji Swimwear loves to mix up the prints to create a wild, riot of color.  They do an awesome job of it here at a killer price.  
There's lots more Maaji bikinis for 2012 on the horizon.  Maaji sizes tend to run just a tad on the small side...just so you know.  We expect our first Maaji swimsuits to start arriving in about a month, so please stop by and have a look-see.

~ C.

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