Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Taxes & Bikinis...Never the Two Shall Meet

It's that time of year...taxes are due and spring break bikinis are flowing out the door.  For most people, the two subjects never mix, but for myself, this is one of my busiest times of year...prepping for that meeting with the accountant at dawn, running the biz and filling orders the rest of the day.  It leaves little time for blogging, or other creative endeavors. 

I think that a swimwear designer should create the, "tax time bikini."  Maybe cover it entirely with little receipts and W2 forms.  The, "tax return check," could be strategically placed on the suit.  Ahhh...the things I come up with.  Why am I not rich and famous?!!  :D   So, because this is the time of year that it is, I must make this post short...very short. 

- For those of you looking for Boys + Arrows...It will be arriving any day now, possibly by Friday.
- The same goes for L*Space fringe bikinis, yes, even the lavender one.
- Cali Dreaming came in and it's to die for.  Very cute mesh covered'll love these!
- The India bikini by Melissa Odabash is almost sold out.  I think that we have only one left in size 10.
- Karla Colletto Swimwear has done well this season, especially that little pink, skirted bikini.

I'm off to balance budgets and look over spreadsheets.  Life is too short to be smothered in bookwork, so get out there, have fun with your tax returns and buy yourself a bikini!

~ C.

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