Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trippin' on Tavik

Tavik Swimwear is fairly new on the scene, but my, what a, "scene," they are making!  They have joined forces with Ani Breslin, owner and designer for Ani Bikinis, to create some unique swimsuits, full of character and pure originality.  The Tavik Swimwear 2013 line has already made some great press including Sports Illustrated and SURFING mags.  I'm sure that there's more to come as the season progresses and more fashion editors hear about Tavik Swimwear.

We have three, or four swimsuits from the 2013 Tavik Swimwear collection.  We still await the arrival of one style, but the rest are in stock and already selling.  So, for your review, may I present Miss Ani's and Tavik's latest:

Tavik Swimwear 2013 - Creedance Bikini Front
Tavik Swimwear 2013 - Creedance Bikini Back

 The Creedance Bikini (above) is done in a watercolory, tie-dye print.  It sports a cheeky bottom and a unique top that although supportive, does not have any underwires in it.  It's cute, it's different and I think it's totally hip and sexy.  the price is not bad at only $149.

Tavik Swimwear 2013 - ZZ-Jimi Bikini Front
Tavik Swimwear 2013 - ZZ-Jimi Bikini Back

The ZZ-Jimi Bikini (we got a rock and roll theme goin' on here) is done in that great swimsuit fabric that looks a little like crochet, without all of the problems that crochet can have.  The bandeau top has a U-shaped cut-out and the cheeky bikini bottom has long, flowing strings.  Great color, BTW.  It retails for $159. 

Tavik Swimwear 2013 - Jimi-Crosby Bikini Front
Tavik Swimwear 2013 - Jimi-Crosby Bikini Back
We've mentioned Jimi-Crosby bikini previously, but it's worth a second say.  Why?  It's cute!  It's tiny!  It's RED!!!  Oh...AND it's only $139. 

Tavik Swimwear 2013 - Jefferson Bikini Front

Tavik Swimwear 2013 - Jefferson Bikini Side

This is our favorite Tavik bikini, but unfortunately it has not arrived yet...waaahhh!  We don't know why, but we wish the heck it would get here soon.  We've had so many customers inquire about it.  We're on the horn, trying to help this little high-waisted bikini find it's way home to us.  We'll keep you posted.

There are so many new swim labels out there this year, but we're sure that you'll agree that Tavik is the cream!

~ C.

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