Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Junior-Teen Swimwear Line-Up for 2011

There's that age...that glorious age in a woman's life...somewhere between playing baseball with the neighborhood kids and tossing a baseball to your own child...those fabulous years when you could eat just about anything and not gain an ounce.   It's that time when all the older women hated you as you strutted down the beach in your brand new, teeny-tiny bikini with not a care in the world. 

"Junior-Teen," isn't quite the right term for that age group, but for lack of a better word, we'll use it here, today.  A lot of swimwear these days just does not take into account that this girl is special.  The swimwear designers just do, "one style fits all age groups," designs in hope of catering to everyone of every age and perhaps saving a bit of money in production.  We appreciate those designers that take notice and really know how to show off a young woman's assets AND they know how to have some fun with swimwear fashion.  They also know that fit and sizing is just a little bit different than the Missy set...a little smaller over all, but they still need a bikini top with support and not everyone wants to show off ALL of their booty.  Junior-Teen designers have finally figured out that not every teen even wants a bikini.  It's been refreshing to see some super cute one piece swimsuits in the 2011 swimwear collections.

So, which are the top Jr.-Teen swimwear lines this year?  I'd place my money on Maaji Swimwear and I certainly wouldn't count out Salinas Swimwear for 2011.  And although, the Agua Bendita Swimwear fit is just a tad larger than Jr., I would have to include them too.  (See my posts below for examples and pix of these lines.)  All of these lines have fresh designs and new takes on the 1 piece swimsuit.  I'm hoping to uncover even more new Jr.-Teen lines.  Designers step up to the plate!  Perhaps just as soon as this economy straightens out, we will have more brave souls.

~ C.

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