Monday, October 25, 2010

Kain Label... Making Fashion Look So Easy

"Resortwear," "Beach Fashion," "City Couture"...Whatever category you want to put Kain Label into, it's all OK. Kain Label fits into all of the above. The beauty of this LA fashion architect is that they have the distinct ability to take the mundane to insane, from bleak to chic, ordinary to extraordinary. Need I go on?  For example, they have learned to tweak out the most humble of dresser drawer items, the Classic Pocket Tee, and take it to a completely new level by using 21st century fabrics and sexy, modern styling.

And yes, their sweaters are slouchy, but still gorgeous, their dresses simple, but nothing less than fabulous.

Kain Label is new for Tropi-Ties and we’re so happy that we’ve found each other. A perfect fit, if I must say so myself. It travels well, looks stylish in any situation and has utter sex appeal. We hope that you stop by and give us your opinion on this new resortwear line. We love it and we hope that you do too.
~ C.

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