Friday, October 15, 2010

Waiting in the Doldrums for the 2011 Swimwear...Sigh...

August, September and October are always the slowest months in the retail swimwear world.  If our customers haven't gotten their swimsuit by mid-summer, then they probably won't get one at all.  It is a natural end of a retail cycle that all of us swimwear affectionados know all too well.  By September, we've seen most of the new lines and have placed our orders for the Cruise season.  Last season's swimsuits are just about sold out...thus begins the slow wait.  It's kind of like fishing in the afternoon.  Chances are, the fish won't bite until evening, but our lines are in the water, just in case.


So now, it's mid-October and frankly, I'm getting a little antsy for the new styles to start arriving.  We have web pages to build, photos to take and the orders for the Thanksgiving vacationers start to shop for the latest and greatest in swimsuits and beachwear. 

This is also a time to reflect on our products and level of customer services offered.  Gawd knows...we can certainly do better.  Let's face it, last season, we were way too slow to refund our customers' returns.  We're sorry.  We also became just a bit intolerant with people asking us to bend our rules and we reluctantly had to continue with our restocking fee policy.  (Personally, I hate restocking fees, but it became necessary when our competitors secretly and continually ordered a slew of products from us, for whatever reason, and then sent them all back soiled, damaged and wreaking of perfume.  I mean...really...who does that?) 

This year will be different.  We've tried hard to find the greatest products ever and we'll continue with that quest.  We plan to improve the web site with better graphics, have less typos and errors, more product information and of course, the lowest and best prices for our products. We also vow to have the very best customer service in our retailing sector and will even put public customer feedback comments on each and every product page, so people can tell the world just how good, OR bad we are.   We love our customers and want to pamper them in these rough, economic times to let them know that we really do appreciate and honor their patronage.  So, now's the time to say our, "Thank Yous," to all of our patrons for a great 2010 season.  THANK YOU TO ALL!!!  And now...the lights dim, there's rustling backstage...get's almost showtime for, "Swimwear 2011!"

~ C.

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