Friday, December 10, 2010

Blessed are the Cover-Ups...

For they can save our little tushies in oh so many ways. 

The swimsuit cover-up has been getting lots of attention these days in the swimwear world.  It's making a huge resurgence, but in a whole, new, modern way.  It's no longer the perky, matchy-matchy garment that was desperately put on over the swimsuit in order to make one's way across the hot sand and past oogling eyes to the snack shop.  These days, it's more of a wear-with-anything kind of frock that's perfect to pack if you're travelling, or just to have in your closet arsenal as a every day item. 

The cover-up can be dressed up, or down, over jeans, shorts, on it's own and naturally, over a swimsuit.  This practical item can be worn into town for a day of window-shopping and museum haunting and then go on to hold its own at happy hour, dinner date, or party scene.  It comes in all shapes, from a long evening gown, to a short, short mini.  There are tops, jackets, dresses, sweaters, wraps...they all work.  Which is what makes it such a great value. 

The 2011 season rings in with a plethora of cover-ups by all of the great swimwear labels. 

Melissa Odabash has been celebrating this beach attire for years.  Finally, she is heard loud and clear!  She's become a master at mixing casual with chic with her ponchos, caftans, tops and ,"little nothing dresses." 

Another new brand that we are carrying this year is Kain Label.  Not really in the beach genre, per se, but perfect to wear just about everywhere. 

For the younger, frilly set, there's Agua Bendita's take on the beach it!  Everything that Agua Bendita does is full of fun and whimsy!  (Then again, I'm always a sucker for crochet.) 

Of course, if you're past all that and are looking for something cool and sophisticated, there's always classic Lenny. All of her designs are so refined and timeless.

And we can't forget a mention of the hottest designer for 2011, Mara Hoffman, who has taken the swimwear world by storm with her exotic silk prints and unique "cocoon" styles. 

The beach cover-up fills the void in the traveler's wardrobe and like your favorite credit card, "don't leave home without it."

~ C. 

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