Friday, December 16, 2011

Swimwear with a "Salty" Bite - Salt Swimwear 2012

It always amazes me what talented swimwear designers can do with a couple of scraps of fabric.  Salt Swimwear makes the most of very little, in order to deliver some awesome swimsuits and bikinis. 
Salt Swimwear has an urban sophistication with a beachy attitude.  We love that combo!   We will be bringing you the latest from Salt after the first of the year.  Shop...enjoy!

Salt Swimwear 2012, Arriving Soon at Tropi-Ties Swimwear

Glorious Sunshine Thanks to Salt Swimwear
Olivia-Hannah Bikini by Salt Swimwear for 2012

Phoebe-Helena Bikini, Salt Swimwear
(More photos to follow in the near future.)
~ C.

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