Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Little Birdies In The Tree...Fresh Swim Labels On The Horizon

It's good to see change; it's great to see new innovations, especially in beach fashion.  There are a few, new swimwear labels that have caught our eye this year, due to their new vision and fresh approach to swimsuits and bikinis.  We've picked up a couple of them this winter and hope to bring you more, later in the season. 

First, one of our hometown faves, is Boys + Arrows Swimwear from our own home port of Ventura, CA.  Boys + Arrows Swimwear has sass and attitude and never apologizes for being who they are.  Designer, Meagan Scott, is fearless in her designs, uses only the best of materials and, let's face it, puts a little fun into everything that she does.  We like that...a California girl doin' good! 

Meagan Scott, designer for Boys + Arrows Swimwear

Boys + Arrows Swimwear 2012 - Havalah the Homewrecker Bikini

I know, we've already mentioned Tori Praver Swimwear, but since we're on the subject of new labels, her line is worth a second say.  Tori hails from another former home of ours, Hawaii, and so we feel that we understand her fashion speak.  We have watched her blossom from a beautiful Letarte model, to major runway and Sports Illustrated lass, and now, a talented swimwear designer.  As a surfer, she has the know-how of what it takes to create the perfect bikini.  We love her puckered, floral fabrics and chic on-pieces. 

Lily Bikini by Tori Praver Swimwear 2012

There are other lines that we're keeping our eye on.  One, is SHIMMI Swimwear, an LA based line that has a real, "spoiled brat," attitude...we like that.  Scarlett Chorvat and Alison Renner are the creative designers of SHIMMI Swimwear.  Both are successful models on a world wide scale and they've brought their experience and sense of style to SHIMMI.  There are lots of new bodies and shapes that we just haven't seen before.  We hope to bring you a tasting of their latest wares this spring.

We Are Handsome Swimwear has been making a big splash over the last couple of years.  The come from Australia (no, we've never lived there...but we'd like to someday.)  I just love their bold, artistic, photo-prints and clever shapes!  Those Australians...they keep coming on strong with their beach stuff. 

Recycled Swimwear by Rose, is just so wonderful!  Another SOCAL label that is very independent, an upstream swimmer, so to speak.  Rose Ponizil creates her designs from recycled clothing and garage sale finds, all spiffed up with ribbons and bows.  What comes off of her sewing machine is vintage looking and marvelous!  Cute, cute stuff!  We're hoping that she will give us the honor of carrying a few of her items this spring.

Looking across pond in search of new looks, we found a couple of other Euro lines that whipped at our whimsy.  Although, they aren't necessarily new, they're new to us:  Roseanna from France, Naelie (another French label,) and Guia la Bruna of Italy.  We'll keep a watch on them, as well. 

If you know of any other new swim designers on the horizon....please...we want to know about them.  drop us an email at  Learning by word-of-mouth is always better than by hype.

~ C.

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