Monday, February 20, 2012

Been super busy selling swimsuits...My, the season has started early this year!  Here's our top selling bikinis to date:

Helen the Hussy Bandeau Bikini by Boys+Arrows

Tiffany Blue Bandeau Fringe Bikini by L*Space

Havalah the Homewrecker Bikini by Boys+Arrows

Lily bikini by Tori Praver

We're already starting to look at the 2013 swimwear collections.  There are a few, new swimsuit labels emerging.  (I'll have to keep you hanging and tell you about them as soon as I'm allowed to.)  Lots of new swimsuit shapes and styles for fresh and exciting! Keep an eye on Boys+Arrows, Acacia, Cali-Dreaming and Undrest by the Sea.

~ C.

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