Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From One Beach To Another...

As many of you know, we've recently moved.  I can't say that I've moved a lot in my lifetime, but enough to leave a trail in the sand.  Here is my retrospective look back on some of the beaches I have intimately known:

 Zuma, Point Dume, Santa Monica - I grew up on these beaches

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Newport Beach - Spent summers with family here

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Santa Cruz Island, Catalina Island - Sailing adventures, explorations

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Hanalei - Came of age there, met hubby, my life forever changed

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Kilauea - Wedding bliss at lightouse, built our home there

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 Gaviota - Summer camping, now it's my kids' beach
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Jalama - Go there to get away and get a feel for what it was like long ago
© butacska, Google EARTH
Ventura - PEARL is docked there, awaiting a new adventure

 and now the Mendo Coast - My new home...once again, paradise found


I've been lucky enough to travel the world.  These are certainly not all of the beaches I've been to, just the one's that changed my life for the better.
~ C.

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