Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I feel like a blind cave newt...crawling out of mybookkeeping den. Why is it that eveyone in my entire family can't seem to do their own taxes? I know...I'm a pushover, unpro, accountant for my clan. I get suckered in every year. Taxes are about over, (except for those that filed an extension...aughhh,) and so, it's now back to one of my favorite topics...swimwear.

Just got some samples in from Ani bikinis...very nice! Pretty textures, a soft hand, hand-dyed colors, fluid shapes. These swimsuits look like they'd be comfy to wear. Ani Breslin has been selling her swim line on Etsy for awhile now and we think that she should go mainstream. Not that Etsy isn't a wonderful venue, but it's time to spread those wings. The press is starting to catch on too. Here's a couple of the samples that she sent me. I love them both.

Ani bikinis - Cut-out onesie in white Cable

Ani Bikinis - Bowtie Bandeau

I'll keep you all posted about Ani Bikinis!

~ C.

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