Monday, April 23, 2012

Cool In Black On a Hot Summer Day

There's been a lot of buzz about prints over the last few years, but I have to say, nothing looks fresher, leaner, cooler, cleaner than a black swimsuit on a hot, summer day.  Black looks fantastic on all skin tones, it certainly doesn't make one's figure look larger than normal and DAMN, it's just so freakin' chic!  One-piece, or bikini, it doesn't matter...they both look killer.  Here are some of my favorite black swimsuits for 2012:

The Shyla Bikini by Tori Praver has those strappy sides that give the bikini a new, sexy it!

Tori Praver Swimwear 2012 - Shyla Bikini  $196.00

Tori Praver also did a gorgeous black one-piece that is slimming and sexy:

Tori Praver Swimwear 2012 - Kelly One Piece Swimsuit


Marysia Swim did an exquisite scalloped black bikini that I adore.  The clean finish and workmanship on this suit is marvelous!

Marysia Swim 2012 - Antibes Strapless Bandeau Bikini


We can't leave out Karla Colletto, the queen of the one-piece swimsuit.  This black, lace, one-piece covers just enough, give support where needed and still looks stylish:

Karla Colletto Swimwear 2012 - Lace 1 Piece Swimsuit


Cali Dreaming takes on the black bikini in a whole, new way.  I'm diggin' the mesh fabric that they used here.  (Don't worry, it's lined.)

Cali Dreaming Swimwear 2012 - Black Diamond Mesh Bikini - Just Arrived


Lenny Swimwear delivers with this black, bandeau, one-piece swimsuit...gorgeous!

Lenny Swimwear 2012 - Strapless One Piece - Stone Maillot

We have a few other black swimsuit choices in our catalog.  go ahead...have a look-see!  don't let another season go by without a black bikini, or maillot in your swim wardrobe.

 ~ C.

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