Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sensational Solids...Somewhere Over the Bikini Rainbow

Prints have had their fun and as much as I love creating, designing and selling printed bikinis, the time has come for solid colors to take the scene.  There's the perennial black, (see my previous post below,) but there's also a miraid of new hues making it poolside this season.  The biggest color that we're seeing this summer is "Mint."  Boys + Arrows did one that borders on a bright; it's so cheerful. 
Helen the Hussy Bandeau Bikini by Boys + Arrows Swimwear

Red is also a big deal this year.  Honestly, we really didn't order enough of it...we could have sold a lot more.  Marysia Swim did a little red number. 
Acapulco Bikini by Marysia Swim

The neons have been eyecatching and extremely popular...B+A did several. 
Debbie Danger Bikini by Boys + Arrows Swimwear

 And, both Karla Colletto and ANK did a, "nude pink," that has been well received. 
Ruching Skirted Bikini by Karla Colletto

Aliseos Bikini byANK Swimwear

 Turquoise, aqua, azul, blue...all those water colors will never go out of style; nor will they ever look bad against any skin tone.  My favorite is this Lenny bikini. 

Chain With Rings Bikini by Lenny Swimwear

Then, there's always looks crisp, clean and fabulous.  These days, white is much more popular than in the past, because of the newer, "no see through," linings that are available to the industry today.   Marysia did my fave.
Marbella Bikini by Marysia Swim

 I'd go on and on about bikini colors this morning, but this is the busy season, so I'll cut it short and sweet and leave you to ponder the rainbow.

~ C.

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