Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Bikinis & Stuff Just Came In!

We've got some new items in for the 2013 Swimwear season.  Here are some of our latest arrivals:

Tori Praver Swimwear 2013-  Two little T.P. bikinis just arrived.  The Cabazon Bikini is a sweet underwire style with lighter than air ruffles and mini-coverage in back.

Cabazon Underwire Bikini by Tori Praver

Cabazon Bikini by Tori Praver Swimwear
Tori Praver's Jasmine-Kalani Bikini has a wrap style top, mohave print and bitty bottom.
2013 Tori Praver Swimwear - Jasmine-Kalani Bikini

Jasmine-Kalani Bikini has a pretty wrap top
Boys + Arrows Swimwear for 2013 has hit our docks.  More sweet swimsuits from Meagan Scott!  She did a re-do of her top seller from last season, the "Helen the Hussy," bikini.  This time she went with a gorgeous, emerald green. 

Boys + Arrows Swimwear 2013 - Helen the Hussy "E" Bikini - Just Arrived

This bikini top has been huge!

B+A also went with fringe in various shades of green.  Here is one of her fringed bikinis done in Moss Green:
Boys + Arrows Swimwear 2013 - Blythe the Babe "M" Bikini - Just Arrived

The finge is just the right amount on this Boys+Arrows Bikini
I'll be back, posting more of the lastest swimsuits for the 2013 season.  Have a wonderful New Year!

~ C.

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