Thursday, October 3, 2013

2014 Swimwear - Sandy Bottoms and Knotty Details

Swimwear is heating up this season.  It's skimpier, sexier and has us all tied up in knots!  The 2-piece is certainly outselling the one-piece swimsuit and the cheeky bottom bikini is back from last season in full force.  So are multi-strings and knots that are in all the right places.  Tribal prints are big and color blocking is making a scene.  Fringe is hanging in there, (pun intended.)  The retro, high-waist bikini bottom hasn't gone away this year either, (Although one should not expect this style to generously help a flawed figure.  It's styled for showing of a girl's curves, not hiding them.)

Bikini - Cheeky Bottom
I can only guess why the swimsuits are once again, going through this, "minimizing effect."  They tell me that it's all part of an economic cycle.  The fact is, the girls with the most disposable income right now are very young and uber-stylish.  Think, "Daddy's girl, cozied up in her private school dorm room, on a late night, online, shopping spree."  What?  You're are not part of that demographic group?  I can definitely sympathize.  Even when I went to college, I wasn't one of those girls.  (I made my own bikinis, but that's another story.) 
Knotty Swimsuit Details

However, may I say, for those of you that can wear those teeny-tiny, itty-bitty bikinis, my hat's off to you!  You only live once and hey, we all have our day in the sun.  (May I digress...) I can clearly recall sauntering down the beach one fine, sunny day in my 19-year-old body and a cute li'l bikini to match.  I had just gotten out of the water after a morning of body surfing.  I was dripping wet, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my skin, while making my way back to my towel, when a cute, 60-something couple came strolling the shore towards me.  The portly man was continuously gawking my way, which prompted his little, rotund wife to get more than just a tad angry.  She came stomping up to me, face a scowling and shaking her finger wildly in my face. 

"You're not always going to look like that.  You'll see!!!  You really think you're something, but that figure won't last!  Mark my're not always going to look like that!!!" 

"Yeah, but I look like that now," I replied with a big, sweet, sarcastic smile.  (I might have even batted my salty/wet eyelashes to rub it in.)

The 2014 Sandy Bottom Look
I was a smart ass, to say the least.  I knew she was right then and alas, I definitely know it now.  ::sigh::  Ah...memories...I'll never see THAT figure again.  But, I have to say, it was one of the highest compliments I ever received regarding my looks.  I'm proud of that.  Thank you, little rotund lady!  And my dear, Miss bikini buyer, you should be proud too!  Let's face it, beach life is for the hedonist.  It's for showing off your sex appeal and perhaps showing a little more skin than is to be expected.  So, go for it girl!


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