Friday, October 4, 2013

Good Surf is In the Air...

Mendo Surf - Mike Kew
You can smell it.  As fall settles in, the leaves begin to change, the air has a certain snap to it and the mist billows over the range.  It has that sweet, salty smell to it and there's an energy, an electrical charge that fills the sky.  As soon as the first whiff drifts across my nose, I gather the dogs into the car and head to the sea.  The ocean is rambunctious and impatient.  The waves are choppy and still not settled into their winter, rhythmic pattern.  The surfers are all out at the cove, wetsuits on, but just looking and waiting for a real set to come in.  We head up the coast and two guys are out at Manchester, but there's not much worth riding...not yet.  But, the waves will come...maybe not today, but very soon. Fall is upon us and the waves will soon be rolling in...definitely by Thanksgiving Day.

~ C

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