Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rollin' In With the Tide

As the new swimwear comes in, then goes out, I often wonder where each swimsuit is going off to with it's new owner.  Will it accompany her on her honeymoon to some tropical bliss?  Or, is it in for some serious partying during spring break?  Will it don the lonesome beachcomber?  The Mom with 2 kids just trying to get away for a few days?  The hot- 40-something mama?  The next tween fashion model?  The over-worked exec?  The exotic traveler?  The ultimate mermaid?

A swimsuit means more to it's owner than just something to swim in.  If it didn't, we'd all be swimming in our old t-shirts, or society permitting...nothing at all.  (Personally, I like this last option the best, but I can't say that everyone would agree with me, so I wear a swimsuit in public places.)  For some, and I guessing mostly men, it's about being totally sexy...maybe even pornographic.  However, I think that for most women who wear swimsuits, it's about freedom and about connection with nature, water, love....OK...maybe even GOD! 

Whatever it means to you, I hope that you enjoy this upcoming season and put on your newest and best bikini, or one-piece.  Feel the energy that empowers you.  Find nirvana! 

...And, don't forget to drop by and let me know where you and your new swimsuit went. I'd love to know!

Wishing peace and love,


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