Sunday, January 8, 2012

That Brazilian Thang...Brazilian Bikinis Are Still Hot Stuff

Let's face it, the Brazilians have had a corner on the bikini market for...oh, I don't know...30+ years now.  It's easy to understand why...The Brazilians live in a constant state of passion and they're especially passionate about the beach and their beach bodies.  They love to look good on the sand!  The Brazilian swimsuit styles cater to most tastes from ridiculously tiny and youthful, to the luxurious high end swimwear market, for the more discerning customer.  Here's our list of Brazilian swimsuit labels for this season, starting with the least expensive and going on up:

Salinas Swimwear 
Salinas Swimwear 2012 - Jobi Bikini

Here's one good reason why Salinas has stayed around for so long...their bikinis are very affordable, with the 2012 bikinis starting at only $129.  (We have a few 2011 Salinas bikinis left starting at only $69.  Grab'm while their hot.)  Besides being easy on the wallet, they're pretty darn cute.  This season they did some twisted bandeau bikini tops, sweet ruffled bikini bottoms, moderate hipster styles and, of course, their original signature prints.


Cia.Maritima Swimwear 2012 - Sorrento Bikini

Benny Rosset is the designer for Cia.Maritima Swimwear and he knows just what a young bikini buyer wants...cute stuff, great fit and reasonably priced.  This year, his swimsuits have a starting price of only $139.  He did a few ruffled bikini bottoms and a couple of Brazilian bandeau bikinis.  I especially like the moody, brown, cream and purple fabric he used on this adjustable halter bikini.

Sauipe Swimwear

 Sauipe Swimwear - Bianca Bikini

I stumbled on to Sauipe Swimwear a couple of years ago.  Although, it's not a well-known line yet, I'm sure it will be down the road.  The designer, Marcia Hacker, has a keen eye for beauty, elegance and quality details, not to mention, she's just the dearest person and a delight to work with.  All of her swimwear styles are simply top notch, made with beautiful findings and fabrics, with close attention to fit.  This is definitely a high-end swimsuit line and would sell well in up-scale boutiques and department stores.  We are lucky to be able to offer Sauipe Swimwear to our customers with prices starting at $160.

Ank Swimwear

ANK Swimwear 2012 - Nanga Bikini

This is the first year that we will carry ANK Swimwear.  Their shipment just came in and I was blown away.  Mirla Sabino has created some gorgeous swimsuits!  Like Sauipe, ANK Swimwear is another high quality swimsuit line.  Ms. Sabino takes some chances with some of her swimsuit designs and she pulls it all off beautifully.  She has one bikini top with a high, arched bra cup that looks stunning and ultra-chic.  ANK swimwear prices in our store begin at $169.

Lenny Swimwear
Lenny Swimwear 2012 - Diamond T-Back Brown Bikini

Lenny Swimwear has been in our swim line-up for several years now.  This is a luxe Swimwear line, no doubt about it and their prices reflect that.  All being said, Lenny's fabulous swimsuits are worth every penny.  Lenny Niemeyer is the designer for this swim label and she loves simplicity in her swimwear looks.  There is a cool sophistication about everything that she creates. Prices start in our store at $205, however, you can still pick up a 2011 Lenny swimsuit at starting at only $59.

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