Friday, January 13, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - The Skirted Bikini Trend

 Oh, let's nots skirt the issue...Spring Break 2012 is coming to the shores and the fabulous swimsuits and bikinis will be on parade!  Here are some skirted swimsuit trends that you'll be seeing this year:

It can be ruffled, swathed, or simple.  It seems like every swimsuit designer has done a skirted swimsuit, in one form, or another.  Maaji Swimwear did a cute, skirted bikini that sort of "swags" across the topline.  It's not really a full, skirted swimsuit, but I thought I'd include it in the group, for lack of a better place.  It's very colorful...very young and kinda sexy too!

Night Diving Beauty Bikini

Night Diving Beauty Bikini Back

Karla Colletto went the complete route and did the full, skirted bikini with an underwire top.  This is a lovely pink swimsuit that would cater to a variety of ages.  I can easily see it as  beach bar attire. 
 Ruching Skirted Bikini

Cia.Maritima put together a couple of ruffled bottom bikinis for 2012:  
 Fashion Pink Bandeau Bikini

La Dolce Vita Floral Bikini
 Then, there's Salinas who did a tiny, brazilian-cut bikini with a few flounces of ruffles:
 Arpex Bikini

...Melissa Odabash did a killer, white, skirted, bathing suit number with a bandeau top:
India White Skirted Bandeau Bikini
~ C.

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